The 2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten has a fancy VIN plate inside

The 2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten has a fancy VIN plate inside

The new Deluxe Edition also has a synthetic crystal shifter.

The 2025 model year of the Ram 1500 brings major changes to the trim since the dominant TRX with its powerful V8 engine gave way to the TRO with its downsized six-cylinder engine. The Ramcharger is officially back as a 663-horsepower electric truck with a range-extender V6. Then there is this – tungsten. It’s Ram’s answer to the GMC Sierra Denali and Ford F-150 Limited by moving beyond the 1500 Limited and Longhorn Limited models.

Tungsten has been offered in the past in select 1500, 2500 and 3500 models, and now it’s back to serve a similar purpose by being the most luxurious of the range. It’s packed with features like a new power liftgate and a “distinctive LED backlight design” but the real upgrades are inside the leather-lined cabin. One ornament that stands out is the luxurious plaque with metal lettering and diamond knurling on the center console to highlight the name of the trim level and show the vehicle identification number (VIN). It’s not the first full-size truck I’ve owned since I’ve owned the Ford F-150 Limited for years.

These electrically heated and ventilated front seats can be adjusted in 24 ways and benefit from memory and massage functions. The front seats are also wrapped in quilted Natura Plus leather, are ventilated and benefit from power lumbar support and four-way power adjustable headrests. Compared to lower trim levels, the 1500 Tungsten gets a synthetic crystal shifter and alloy pedals.

Ram managed to cram no less than 23 speakers throughout the cabin by installing a Klipsch Reference Premiere audio system with stainless steel speaker covers. It pumps out 1,228 watts and represents a Klipsch automotive application, featuring dual titanium woofers and a 12-inch subwoofer.

You can get the Tungsten with or without the combustion engine since Ram offers Ultra-Luxury trims on regular models as well as the REV. Pricing will be announced closer to launch, with the trucks arriving at dealers in the first quarter of 2024 but the electric version scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter. It’s safe to say Tungsten will command a premium over the 2024 1500 Limited which has a starting price of $65,205.

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