The all-new 2024 Jeep Gladiator sets its sights on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma


  • The 2024 Gladiator has received a major upgrade, including a new grille design and V6 power, making it a formidable competitor to the Toyota Tacoma in the muscle car market.
  • Gladiators offer different trim levels, including Mojave, Rubicon and Willys, each with unique off-road features and capabilities.
  • The pickup truck segment is becoming increasingly competitive, with the 2024 Tacoma impressing many with its iForce Max hybrid powertrain, while the Gladiator’s higher starting price point may be a deterrent for some customers.

2024 Toyota The Tacoma is quickly becoming a major player in the muscle car market, thanks to its plethora of trim levels and great features. but, pocket Now introduced the 2024 Gladiator. A new version of them little truck The Tacoma has its sights firmly set, with the Gladiator in the Jeep lineup since 2019.

The Gladiator received a major upgrade for the 2024 model year, just like the Wrangler it sits alongside in the Jeep lineup. Exterior changes and V6 power are the biggest draws of this model, with the Gladiator also offering a wide range of trims.

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Jeep has reworked the exterior of the 2024 Gladiator

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2024 Jeep Gladiator engine specifications

the creator


Years of production

2010 – present


Naturally aspirated V6


3.6 litres


285 hp


260 ft. lbs



Notable applications

2011-2014 Chrysler 200, 2019-present Jeep Wrangler JL

Although it’s not a revolutionary redesign, Jeep has tweaked the look of the Gladiator for 2024. The biggest change is the adoption of a new seven-slot grille, with the Wrangler also gaining a new face. The vents on the Gladiator are smaller than before, which Jeep says helps improve the pickup truck’s cooling requirements. The grille features black slats and gray surrounds as well as body-colour surrounds, with the Willys trim level featuring black louvres and surrounds to allow it to stand out. Jeep also gave the Gladiator new wheel designs, seven in total, that can accommodate 32-inch and 33-inch tires.

The Gladiator has what Jeep calls a “powerful powertrain” in the form of a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. It makes 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque and features engine stop-start (ESS) as standard. Jeep claims the engine should deliver a wide torque range with an emphasis on low-end torque. A necessary thing when the model goes off-road. This will also come in handy when transporting heavy loads or towing a trailer. It is noteworthy that the Gladiator is a vehicle that comes with a six-speed manual transmission as standard. An eight-speed automatic is the optional transmission.

2024 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon
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To protect vital components, Jeep says all Gladiators coming off the assembly line have three skid plates for the fuel tank, transfer case and automatic transmission oil pan. Jeep also worked hard on safety in the Gladiator, adding curtain airbags for the first and second rows. The second-row outboard seats also have pre-tensioner belts and load limiters. There are also some structural improvements to the Gladiator to enhance the car’s strength. Jeep says these changes were made to improve side-impact performance, should the Gladiator be involved in a crash.

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Jeep has different trim levels for the 2024 Gladiator

Front views of the 2024 Jeep Gladiator lineup on the go
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There’s no shortage of trim levels for the 2024 Gladiator, with two new models, the Mojave A Sport S model is also available, while there are also standard Mojave and Rubicon models. Jeep also brought in the Willys model, which has some interesting features of its own. The Willys model features 32-inch mud tires, steel rock rails, a rear differential as well as an Off-Road+ mode. The Willys Gladiator is available with a Sport S+ trim for the pickup.

The Mojave is what Jeep calls the “King of the Desert” and indeed the Mojave has a Desert Rated badge. Developed specifically for off-road dune bashing, the Mojave Gladiator features 2.5-inch FOX internal shocks that help improve control and ride comfort on high-speed desert trails. This is in contrast to the EMU shocks you’ll find on the 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter, which are designed for rougher, dirtier off-road terrain. Jeep says the FOX shocks allow for a predictable ride as well as bottom-out resistance during higher speeds.

2024 Jeep Gladiator Mohave and Rubicon
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The Gladiator Rubicon returns for 2024, with the model offering plenty of additional features including steel rock rails on the Rubicon Off-road terrain. Electronic front sway bar disconnect provides additional wheel travel when climbing terrain, a feature we also have on the 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro and Trailhunter. With an advantage like this, it is clear that Jeep is making great attempts to take the fight to one of its biggest competitors in North America.

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Toyota Tacoma 2024 impresses many

Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 2024

2024 Toyota Tacoma engine specifications

the creator


Years of production



Inline-4 turbocharged/hybrid


2.4 litres


228-326 hp


240-465 lbs.ft


Gasoline, electricity

Noteworthy applications

Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Crown, Lexus RX 500h

The 2024 Tacoma has really raised the game when it comes to large pickup trucks. There were a lot of rumors and speculation when it was released, but the new truck is impressive. One area where it shines is the powertrain, with Toyota offering the new iForce Max hybrid powertrain, something the Gladiator can’t claim to have. This powertrain uses the same 2.4-liter turbocharger in base models but power output is higher at 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque compared to 228 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque.

Like its competitor, Toyota offers a six-speed manual transmission on the Tacoma. However, unlike its competition, this is not a standard feature. An eight-speed automatic is the dominant transmission, with the manual only available on three models: TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and SR, all in Double Cab form. While an automatic may be the best of the two transmission options, Jeep has pulled back the blinders by offering a manual transmission as standard on all models, with an automatic also available on all trim levels as an option. The Gladiator doesn’t skimp on technology either compared to the Toyota, with its own control bar on certain trim levels, new safety features, and a nice 12.3-inch digital touchscreen on the interior.

The pickup truck segment is starting to improve

2024 Ford F-150 Tremor with moving front quarter view
via ford

The pickup truck segment is on the rise in North America, with Ford bringing its 2024 F-150 to the event. The 2024 F-150 is an impressive beast, but the Tacoma undercuts Ford’s base model by more than $10,000 at $28,000. Incredibly, the Jeep Gladiator starts at a higher price than the Ford, with the Sport model starting at $40,570 including destination charges. Jeep has certainly produced a great vehicle, but the 2024 Gladiator’s price is perhaps its biggest drawback.

Sources: Jeep, Toyota, Ford

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