The best LEGO sets of 2023

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Carrying our childhood and inspiring innovative architectural ideas, LEGO never fails to bring new and exciting sets to the table that are sure to help us reminisce about our youth. In the past few years, LEGO has done its best to create quite a few sets aimed at adults. However, some of the sets designed specifically for kids are still very classic that you might want to see, and maybe even build. Whatever your preferences and interests, this list has it all.

Karl’s house from above

Inspired by the heartfelt Pixar film beloved by many, this set is sure to bring some nostalgia and may just be the perfect thing to build while watching the movie itself. The set features the interior of Carl’s home and the late Ellie’s home, including the famous mailbox and Ellie’s famous “adventure book.” If you’re looking for something to build with your significant other, this could be a great set to represent your committed love.

Spin Rapunzel

This Rapunzel music box set is a personal favourite, as it features a classic character from our childhood and is also relatively inexpensive considering its features and pricing compared to similar sets. Whether it’s a gift for a child in your life or your inner child, this set hits the nail on the head.

Frame cabin

For any type of outdoor activity, this A-frame cabin set is a dream. The side of the cabin opens to reveal a bedroom upstairs and a kitchen downstairs, and the set includes a tree stand, a cozy porch and even a kayak to tempt those who love the outdoors. This cabin makes the perfect decorative piece for anyone who enjoys a woodsy ambiance in their home. It’s a very popular set, so best get yours while they’re in stock!

Wildflower bouquet

In the past two years since the initial release of the Classic Bouquet in 2021, many LEGO fans have been clamoring for more flower arrangements and bouquets. Our new wildflower bouquet provides just what these fanatics are looking for. This could be the perfect date or even a solo activity. Building it is not only a great way to engage in some creativity, but it also creates a never-ending bouquet to display as a centerpiece after the building process is complete. What more could we ask from LEGO?

Dried flower centerpiece

Continuing the LEGO flower phenomenon, this dried flower centerpiece is a display piece that makes a great table centerpiece if you want to show off your love for these beautiful LEGO flowers. The unique dried look is very creative and people love it. If you’re in the market for these flowers, get them while you can! Stock runs out quickly.

Jazz club

This modular building kit really goes above and beyond and is perfect for the musician who also has a knack for building. The jazz club set features a nightclub with a jazz singer, guitarist and drummer, a rooftop garden, a pizzeria and office space. Not to mention how aesthetically stunning this set is, making it the perfect trophy for a musician to showcase their talent and express their creativity.

McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1LM

For car enthusiasts, this set is the perfect solution. The collection includes both the McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM. The design is just the right amount of challenge while providing the perfect presentation for all the car lovers out there.

The bird’s nest

This adorable nest is one of my personal favorites. Featuring a mother bird and her babies, this little set is sure to be a great home decor, especially for the animal lover in your life. Perfect for placing on a windowsill next to a bird feeder in an attempt to attract the real deal.

Bee hut

For Minecraft fans, this charming bee hut is absolutely perfect. The set features a bee-shaped house, an attractive field complete with a humming tree, and even a honey bear figurine. This bee house could be the perfect decor for your farmhouse aesthetic and a great throwback to the classic childhood toy.

Beach camper van

To close out this list, the beach campervan is definitely not the last. The kit includes instructions for three versatile methods that can be put together. One is the classic buggy camper van that has outbuildings. The second is an ice cream shop + sandy beach buggy, and the third is a two-storey beach villa. This set is incredibly unique, and has multiple construction methods ensuring you’ll never lose a place or purpose for it.

2023 has been a great year for LEGO. Their continued expansion into new territories and groups aimed at adults as well as their younger audience has continued to grow and the results have not been disappointing. These sets are just a fraction of what LEGO has put out this year, and many more exciting sets are rumored to be coming later. Make sure to stay tuned for what LEGO does in the future, as they have truly found a way to create something for everyone!

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