The creator of the Doxxing truck says he has been tracking anti-Semitic students for years

The creator of the Doxxing truck says he has been tracking anti-Semitic students for years


The creator of the so-called “investigative truck” that pursues alleged anti-Semitic students from Harvard University to Hunter College says his efforts will continue indefinitely.

“We don’t think your anti-Semitic record should die when you graduate,” said Adam Gillette, president of Accuracy in Media, a nonprofit sponsoring the effort. “I think it’s very important that we make an example of these people.”

Gillette became a nuisance for campus bigots after the names and faces of nearly 150 students who engaged in anti-Semitism at the college were plastered on video screens attached to large trucks parked outside their campus.

Despite their common moniker, the trucks don’t actually collect information about anyone.

Gillette notes that it does not release sensitive personal information such as addresses or phone numbers of targeted students.

But trucks are known to park outside students’ homes.

Adam Gillett, president of the nonprofit Accuracy in Media.
Aristide Economopoulos

“A possibility we’re looking at” is sending trucks to employers who are hiring students in the coming years, Gillett said.

“There is no statute of limitations on racism and anti-Semitism,” he said dryly.

Gillette attributed the rise in anti-Semitism among youth to the diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracies that have permeated educational and cultural institutions in the past decade.

“It directly correlates to the tremendous increase in focus on DEI in K-12 education,” he said.

An information collection truck is parked at Hunter College in New York City.
Aristide Economopoulos

Gillette, 42, a longtime conservative activist in Florida, said the trucks didn’t start with college activists — they were first deployed in 2021 with letters protesting former Gov. Cuomo’s Emmy Award, of which he was later stripped.

“Cuomo lied, thousands died, rescind the Emmy now,” the truck shouted.

However, the resistance was fierce. During a ride with an intelligence truck outside Hunter College — which held an anti-Israel demonstration on Tuesday — The Washington Post saw students hurling insults and overturning the vehicle.

Others took pictures of the truck’s license plate.

Most of them wore masks in an attempt to protect their identity.

Gillette is also being sued by a Columbia University student who says his appearance on the “investigation truck” caused him “pain, suffering, emotional distress and mental anguish.”

“We never defame anyone, we always act completely within the law and we always will,” Gillette said.

Sometimes the response is physical.

“I got into spray painting at Harvard,” he recalls. One of the instigators threw a rock at a truck.

He and the trucks now have their own security detail.

In less than a month, Gillette said scammers called local police eight times to spread false information, prompting a SWAT team response.

Adam Gillett has been beaten eight times in less than a month.
Adam Gillette

This practice, known as swatting, is illegal.

“They sent six heavily armed officers to my house and then they stormed inside. And if you were in the house at the time, if you weren’t expecting something like this, if you left your property, you could get shot and killed. It’s attempted murder,” Gillett said.

The right-wing provocateur said he now has a joking relationship with the local police dispatcher.

“They claimed there was a hostage situation in our house. I immediately told the dispatcher: ‘Don’t pay the ransom.’ She laughed.

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