The first-ever 2025 Toyota GR Sienna could be a virtual slap in the face of crossover SUVs.

The first-ever 2025 Toyota GR Sienna could be a virtual slap in the face of crossover SUVs.

Let’s be honest: some passenger car segments are a dying breed, not just an endangered species. Like it or not, it’s all down to the universal love for crossovers, SUVs and trucks. But what if the “victims” fight back – even hypothetically?

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In America, for example, we could easily include conventional sedans and sports cars on the endangered species list if this were a National Geographic-type presentation. As for minibuses, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) that once dominated schoolyards and training fields (and became everyone’s joke) are all but extinct.

There’s no need to take our word for granted because you’ll be hard pressed to find a list of the top five nameplates currently for sale across the US market. In fact, there are only four of them left living nearby. If you want quirky, eye-catching style, the practical, comfortable and great value Kia Carnival is your choice. If a versatile, practical and efficient small car is your choice, the Honda Odyssey is the name of the game. America only has one option – the 2024 Chrysler Pacifica, including the hybrid form.

Last but not least, the list ends with the 2024 Toyota Sienna, a hybrid-only model that starts at just over $37,000, has 245 combined horsepower, enough room for eight people on board, and decidedly interesting styling. The current fourth generation of the model, originally introduced in 1997 as the successor to the Previa on a significantly revised Camry platform, has celebrated a milestone – the 25th anniversary of the series in 2023.

Meanwhile, the 2024 model year has plenty of grades (LE, XLE, XSE, Woodland Edition, Limited, Platinum) but not enough novelties beyond optionality. SUV And the new XSE Premium package. That’s hardly enough to justify his survival, is it? Well, Toyota could easily give it a new lease of life starting with the 2025 model year since it still shares the TNGA-K platform with the Camry.

The latter is now all-new for the 2025 model year and also comes exclusively with hybrid and Front wheel drive Or four-wheel drive, so continuing the relationship wouldn’t be too expensive. Well, if that doesn’t happen in the real world, the imaginary world of digital car content creators will have no problem taking matters into their own hands — or rather, on the tip of their CGI brushes.

For example, Dimas Ramadan, the virtual car artist behind Designed by DigiMods YouTube channel, has taken on the task of CGI-revealing the completely updated Sienna which is clearly inspired by the latest Toyota Passenger vehicles, including the Prius ‘Hybrid Reborn’ and the all-new 2025 Camry. But that’s not all because this pixel expert also wants the big pickup truck to show an aggressive style for Gazoo Racing.

More precisely, the CGI expert envisions a virtual Toyota GR Sienna that could bring something unseen in America today to the market — a sporty minivan. If true, the Japanese automaker will give it a complete makeover with a comprehensive aerodynamic body kit, lowered suspension setup, larger all-black alloy wheels, as well as a triple exhaust system that hints at a possible hybrid powertrain swap. With the setup used inside the GR Corolla – a downsized 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbo engine that’s good for 300 horsepower. So what do you think, is it cool or not?

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