The first photo of a 100% electric sedan expected in 2026

The first photo of a 100% electric sedan expected in 2026

Last March, European Union member states declared the end of heat engines by 2035 and then carbon neutrality by 2050. A measure that clearly disrupts the projects of car manufacturers whose product plans must be constantly reviewed, the version of which depends on the legislator.

Among them, there are the followers who, as much as they can, adapt their catalog and conversely those who anticipate change. in this context, Volvo is already a good student by indicating that it will be ready to transition to 100% electric power by 2030. It is also possible that things for the Chinese-Swedish brand will go faster than expected and that this goal will be achieved by 2028.

However, Volvo is moving forward in stages, and by the beginning of 2024, diesel will disappear from the catalogue. WhileIn order to ensure its transformation, Volvo will launch 6 electric models in the next four years. A change of direction that is accompanied by changing names with an “E” such as Electricity at the beginning of each surname. The name EX stands for Electric Crossover.

EX90 and EX30 to reduce range

The Volvo EX90 is 5.04 meters long, 12 cm longer than the Volvo XC90.© Volvo

The large Volvo EX90 SUV (5.04 m) was introduced in November 2022, even if it won’t reach dealerships until the end of 2024. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, the small EX30 (4.23 m) went a little faster in work, and It was unveiled at the beginning of June 2023, then tested by us, and will arrive at dealers in March 2024.

Next year will see the basic range revamped with the introduction of the all-wheel drive Volvo EX60 family car. The latter will complement the Chinese-Swedish brand’s best-seller, the second-generation Volvo

Volvo ES60: the sedan of change

The current Volvo S60 has been in the catalog since September 2018.© Bernard Ruffignac

In 2026, Volvo will launch the ES60, the name logically meaning electric sedan (electric sedan). This family sedan will replace the S60 sedan but with a more dynamic 5-door coupe silhouette. Its low, tapered fastback body can count on the practicality of a hatchback. The stylistic revamp was announced in February 2020 by the Polestar Precept concept car and foreshadows the future of the Polestar 5. No longer a three-volume profile, the Volvo ES60 had no choice but to opt for this more aerodynamic bodywork necessary for battery autonomy.

Just like its rival, the Audi A4, which in 2024 will become the Audi A5, will also abandon the traditional trunk silhouette. The Volvo ES60 will compete with the BMW i4, Tesla Model 3 and the future electric Mercedes CLA, which were announced through the Vision CLA concept presented last September at the Munich Motor Show.

Unlike Mercedes, who indicated her desire to bury him, The station wagon is not dead yet at Volvo. In fact, the names EV40, EV60 and EV90 are registered. However, the brand’s designers will adapt this silhouette to the requirements of electric propulsion. A line closer to a shooting brake than yesterday’s brick? Speech has already been heard at Skoda where the electric Octavia Combi is expected to debut in 2025.

et al The brand will not forget to renew the V60 Cross Country and V90 Cross Country backpack station wagons, which, after going electric, will bear the names Volvo EXC60 and EXC90.. While a small SUV-like station wagon has not been left out of the product plan either, the Volvo EXC40 name has also been registered. In this complex ecosystem, the Volvo ES60 will have to find its place.

Volvo will not manufacture “proprietary” vehicles

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