The Ford Ranger Hybrid Edition (PHEV) has been teased for September 19, and the Tacoma is sighing with relief

Ford Motor Company doesn’t want to compromise anymore. Now she’s looking to “have the best of both worlds” in the latest social media-focused teaser that mysteriously doesn’t feature any specific model in her eyes. However, there are hints about a new powertrain for the Ranger midsize pickup truck.

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Image: Ford UK/X (Twitter)

In a post on Halfway through, there’s a shot of inside the back seat of a car with a square window and a sunny desert, as well as aerial shots of something driving down a dirt road like there’s no tomorrow.

Up until that point, all you can say about the car in question is that it can go at the same speed on tarmac and loose surfaces, right? However, additional hints have us thinking that this teaser is aimed squarely at the latest generation of the Ranger midsize pickup truck. First, the city shot is combined into a composite view, and to the right, there’s the silhouette of a truck happily towing something through the woods.

Secondly, the Ford Pro badge appears at the end of the video – so we know this isn’t a regular crossover or SUV SUVs. And why does this relate to the Ranger, and not the newly introduced 2024 Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck? Well, simply because the snippet of information was shared by Ford’s UK division, not Detroit-based FoMoCo. As such, you now understand why the all-new N400 Toyota Tacoma i-Force Max can breathe a sigh of relief – even if this is indeed a hybrid version of the Ford Ranger: they’re not preparing it for North America. Or not yet, at least.

Sure, we could be wrong, and all this reasoning could be for nothing. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait long to confirm or invalidate our line of thinking – Ford UK’s teaser for the latest Ford Pro will emerge from the shadows next week, on September 19. And why do we think about the plug-in hybrid Ford Ranger?

Well, “best of both worlds” could simply refer to the hybrid version — we’ve seen how Ford is trying to increase adoption of the electric F-150 with prices that match the 3.5-liter V6 gasoline version. But when you use this line, you better come up with something great if it’s a simple combination – and make it PHEV It will be better since these variants have a longer range, larger batteries and the option to plug it in at home and go about your business in electric mode whenever you want.

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