“The Golden Bachelor”: Jerry has an emotional breakdown during an intense rose ceremony

“The Golden Bachelor”: Jerry has an emotional breakdown during an intense rose ceremony

Just when we thought Golden Bachelor It was perfect, as our opening star Jerry Turner slid into the series’ classic pitfall.

Jerry the beloved hero is many things: Midwestern dad, pickleball champion, proud Instagram sponsor of Hearing Aid Awareness Month, etc. But what is it I cannot What he does is hide his true feelings. When love gets the better of Jerry, he says so – even if it’s for three different women.

Of course, this is a recipe for disaster, perhaps a heart attack? Fortunately, The Messenger’s Bachelor Nation experts Daniel Trainor and Charlotte Walsh are here to help as we near the end of Jerry’s journey. (For love! Not on this mortal coil, you sick people!)

Teresa’s birthplace

Daniel: Jerry heads to Shrewsbury, New Jersey, an apparently real place, to meet Teresa and her assorted group of children, grandchildren and sisters. Once Jerry is introduced to everyone, Teresa immediately tells the gang about her arriving at the mansion naked under her coat. Teresa is not like other grandmothers, she is an amazing grandmother.

Charlotte: Well, I’m not in favor of erasing Jersey Shore. Shrewsbury is an integral part of Monmouth County, New Jersey! Real middle jersey! Go Taylor Ham! I’ll stop now. Anyway, Teresa’s grandchildren instantly attract Jerry by impersonating Duck Lips, while Teresa’s sisters fall in love with Jerry themselves. They are trying to make Golden Bachelor Season 2 is happening, and it’s working. The only person who’s a little worried about Jerry? Teresa’s daughter, Jane, asks the tough questions the producers ask her. When Jerry can’t say he’s falling in love with Teresa, she raises one eyebrow at him, but quickly succumbs to his charm, like any other woman who comes into contact with Jerry.

Teresa “The Golden Bachelor”Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Daniel: Jane knows that her mother’s love for Jerry doesn’t erase what she had for her father, which is a sentence I can barely write without crying. If nothing else, I want to thank this season Golden Bachelor To teach me that second chances We are Possible, love has no The minimum age, at which people get very Defense of New Jersey. Anyway, after one of Teresa’s grandchildren tells Jerry he wants him to be the new “Pop Pop,” Jerry and Teresa take off for Seaside Heights, an apparently historic place! I know this because it’s where Snooki was captured.

Charlotte: Real NJ viewers know that Seaside is at least a 45-minute drive away, which means two stops Bachelor’s Sprinter truck. However, I assume they wanted to film in Seaside because the city gave them A-OK to set off fireworks as soon as Teresa said “I love you” on the Ferris wheel. While Jerry did not respond to this, he admitted it in the confessional, in which… Bachelor’s The world, as if it did not exist more – meaningful.

Birthplace of faith

Daniel: We arrive in Faith’s hometown of Benton City, Washington, where our favorite cowgirl shows off her country lifestyle and tells Jerry that she sometimes rides her horse to the bar. (Did Faith just break my heart?) Jerry suggests he likes Faith’s young life, but I’m not so sure. However, one thing I… I be Faith sure loves her horse road She loves Jerry more than she does, and that’s not a good sign.

Charlotte: But unfortunately the problems are already starting to get worse. Where will they live if not in Washington? Faith horse Buried here! (Not the one they just rode, thank God.) Fortunately, Jerry quickly got rid of this by charming the pants off Faith’s children, grandchildren, and friends. It seemed that if Jerry walked into a room and stared at everyone long enough, his kind eyes would hypnotize them into moving to Indiana. The problem has been resolved!

Faith “The Golden Bachelor”Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Daniel: We meet Faith’s sons, Brenden and Nick, both of whom I’ll be sharing the saddle with. Wait, am I attracted to this whole family? Should I move to Benton? Should I ride a horse to the bar?? Should I be buried next to Faith’s horse??? Anyway, Jerry tells Brendan and Nick that he “kind of thinks” he loves their mother, which is good enough, I guess.

Charlotte: No, apparently no Good enough, because when it’s time to leave, Jerry and Faith look deep into each other’s eyes, say “I love you,” and begin fully communicating in front of Faith’s entire extended network of friends and family. Grandkids, cover your eyes, because Bubba is home!

Leslie’s hometown

Daniel: Finally, Jerry heads to Minneapolis to meet his brood, Leslie. But before he could do that, Leslie sat him on a park bench and told him that her father had died.

Charlotte: We’re talking about septuagenarians here, so that’s unfortunately to be assumed, but Leslie is right! When she lost her father at the age of 16, her older brother Stuart sat down with her and said, “I’m your father now.” after that Captain Phillips Moving on, Jerry meeting Stuart is a big deal, so show some respect, Gear Bear!

Leslie, “The Golden Bachelor”Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Daniel: “Septuagenarians!” amazing! We get it, you have a dictionary! In addition to the big (mostly successful) meeting with Stuart, Jerry meets Leslie’s three children, and I can’t help but wonder: which one of them belongs to Prince? Once they leave the downtown loft they rented for the day, Leslie tells Jerry that she loves him and that she “can’t imagine my life without you.” Jerry proceeds to kiss her forcefully against a stone wall.

Charlotte: Of course, Jerry simply I can not Help me but say those three little words, too, because even though he may be 70 and — far, away, Daniel — he’s just like everyone else in Bachelor Nation: a messy little bitch. Also, why did Teresa make that trip to the boardwalk when everyone else got two sandwiches and a dusty park bench? Was the trip to Snooki’s homeland a consolation prize?

Daniel: I’d take a trip to Mecca (aka the site of Nicole Polizzi’s 2010 arrest for disorderly conduct) to spend my golden years at Jerry’s house on Indiana Lake any day. Just like Snooki on that fateful day, things are about to get really messy.

Rose ceremony

Golden Bachelor
Jerry Turner, “The Golden Bachelor”ABC/John Fleenor

Charlotte: In this ceremony, we brought a golden rose in a glass case, which has a double effect to remind the viewers about it Beauty and the beast It means that somehow these women are magically being held hostage in the Bachelor Mansion. Anyway, the first (non-gilded) rose goes to Leslie, but things take a turn when Jerry has to eliminate his country beauty or Sicilian goddess.

Daniel: Fortunately, Jerry doesn’t have to decide – because he has a complete emotional breakdown instead! Jerry places the ill-fated rose, whispers “I need a minute” with a quivering lip and walks outside. Jerry is short of breath, hunched over and says he’s about to vomit. It’s unclear if Jerry is having second thoughts or having a heart attack, but either way, it’s electric!

Charlotte: Jerry makes so many moaning and groaning noises, that I’m starting to wonder if we’re back to that stone wall in Minneapolis. Naturally, this is when the producers decide to cut the episode short, leaving us wondering whether Teresa or Faith’s grandchildren will be disappointed.

Daniel: If the Faith family ever needs a shoulder to cry on, I’m here.

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