The joint venture begins a pay-per-use trial of the electric truck – Smart Fuel

The joint venture begins a pay-per-use trial of the electric truck – Smart Fuel

Juna, a joint venture, is using Scania’s battery-electric trucks in a partnership deal that also builds on Sennder’s technologies and its ability to connect carriers with shippers.

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Scania CV AB and digital road freight company Sennder Technologies have established Project Juna, a joint venture to deliver a pay-per-use model that provides European carriers with access to electric truck solutions and guaranteed capacity.

By combining advanced Sennder technology with Scania’s electric truck offering, Juna aims to boost the adoption of electric trucks, in line with the 2020 joint declaration by the Association of European Vehicle Manufacturers with climate scientists who commit to the goal that “by 2040, all vehicles should be New commercial sold fossil.” free.”

By combining its electric trucks and services with Sennder’s technology to connect small and medium-sized carriers with big-name shippers, Juna is leveraging the strength of both companies to accelerate the decarbonisation of European road freight logistics, Scania said.

Pay-per-use model

Scania said Juna offers a pay-per-use model for electric trucks that will effectively pave the way for widespread adoption of electric trucks.

Scania said Jona removes barriers to electric truck adoption, such as financial challenges associated with high upfront costs, residual value and technology risks, and provides carriers with commercial predictability through guaranteed income.

“Given that e-trucks cost two to three times more than diesel trucks and that 70% of all trucks in Europe are owned by small carriers with fewer than 10 trucks, combining Juna’s pay-per-use offering with the benefit of Sennder’s capacity will help us achieve a better value,” said David. Notacker, CEO of Sennder: “We are actively removing barriers to e-truck adoption.”

Launching the pilot project

Scania said the innovative Juna model offers the complete package, including premium electric vehicles, repair and maintenance services, insurance, digital and analytical services. In addition to usage-based fees and guaranteed usage, through data analysis, Juna optimizes electrification strategies and simulates routes to suit electric trucks.

A pilot project was recently launched, according to Scania. The first customer uses an electric truck supplied by Juna that is charged with renewable energy and performs up to 10 routes per week just like its diesel-powered predecessor.

The truck works for a well-known fast-moving consumer goods shipping company in the Stuttgart area of ​​Germany, according to Scania. The project relies on existing public charging infrastructure, where per-kilometre costs are comparable to current diesel charges.

Scania said the first truck alone has the potential to achieve an annual reduction of 93 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

The scope of the pilot program will be expanded to include long-distance routes during 2024.


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