The “mini” Toyota Land Cruiser looks like a killer Ford Bronco sports car

It seems that wherever you go, at least as car enthusiasts, there is a new Toyota in front of you, behind you, to the left and right, and also just around the corner. But that’s not a bad thing, right?

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The Japanese automaker is struggling hard to maintain its global supremacy and also wants to make sure it has an excellent chance of dethroning GM in America after the first six months of sales revealed the Detroit automaker is still clinging to the delivery crown. In the US, Toyota has produced one new innovation after another in perfect rhythm this year – from the 220-horsepower Prius Prime Hybrid to the Corolla Cross Hybrid and from the first-ever three-row family SUV Grand Highlander. to the N400 Tacoma and 2024 Land Cruiser superstars.

And that’s not to mention the countless special editions, model year updates, or mid-cycle classic updates, of course. Although there are slim chances of Toyota dipping its toes into global markets with its new “affordable” ($170,000) offering of the Bentayga and Cullinan, people who don’t really need a big off-roader like the Century SUV may soon rejoice. Notice how we said off-road, not crossover SUVsBy the way.

According to a recent rumor vaunted by Japanese media, Toyota will unleash in 2024 — following the return of the new Land Cruiser (Prado or 250 across various global markets) to the U.S. — a mini- or mini-version of the J250 off-road SUV. Please keep in mind that we are still dealing with the version of the chassis platform on the TNGA-F modular framework that supports models such as the J250 and J300 Land Cruiser, Lexus GX, Toyota Sequoia, Tundra, and J310 Lexus LX. In fact, the “smallest” models to date are the all-new N400 Tacoma midsize pickup truck as well as the J250 GX and Land Cruiser.

Interestingly, whispers through the rumor mill are of a Toyota Land Cruiser subcompact/subcompact seeking a compact hatch, potentially tripling the segment’s reach alongside the new, best-selling RAV4 crossover. Eve Baby on the bZ4X block. Naturally, this news – which isn’t entirely surprising given that Toyota hinted at a smaller Land Cruiser during the SUV model’s world premiere and the fact that even Mercedes-Benz is considering a compact SUV based on the G-Class’ underpinnings – has raised eyebrows. everyone. Their toes.

Or on the tip of their CGI brushes if we talk about the imaginary world of digital car content creators. For example, the enthusiastic folks at ‘landcruiserupdates’ gave us straight excerpts from the Japanese media outlets that started the rumour, with their digital depiction of the compact Toyota Land Cruiser. Better yet, that Hello cars The YouTube channel provides new information about cars supported by their virtual designs; Now, there are some new computer-generated shots of that little Land Cruiser that look a lot closer to a real-world car.

Their interpretation of the baby or mini-Toyota Land Cruiser respects off-road SUV proportions and has broad appeal to give the impression of power and adventurous resourcefulness. Overall, their take on the rumored (yet unconfirmed) smaller version certainly looks ready to go toe-to-toe with other members of the rugged, compact SUV segment – ​​like the Ford Bronco Sport crossover SUV or the popular Jeep Cherokee, right? ?


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