The Mitsubishi Delica concept has been teased ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Expo

The Mitsubishi Delica concept has been teased ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Expo

  • Mitsubishi plans to showcase a range of off-road concept vehicles at the 2023 Japan Mobility Expo in Tokyo.
  • In the lead-up to the show, the Japanese automaker has teased an electric crossover concept that appears to be a new generation Delica van.
  • Whatever the concept, a production version is unlikely to come to North America. The current Delica D:5 is sold in Asian markets only.

With the 2023 Japan Mobility Expo just around the corner, manufacturers are starting to impress with their show cars. Mitsubishi plans to display a large number of off-road vehicles at this year’s show. As part of the buildup, the automaker released a teaser of its electrified crossover concept.

Slim details

With the concept car accumulating a significant amount of dirt, there’s not much to see in the teaser. What we can see makes us believe that this is a new generation Delica. According to Mitsubishi, the concept is a crossover MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that combines SUV-like handling with MPV-like comfort and ease of use.

Details about this concept are scant. The automaker describes the concept as having high ground clearance, though we’ll have to take Mitsubishi’s word on that since that aspect doesn’t appear. It is also said to have electric all-wheel drive and large-diameter tires.

Other Mitsubishi news

In addition to the MPV concept, Mitsubishi has also teased a sleazy-looking Last Mile Mobility vehicle developed in collaboration with LIFEHUB Inc. The company says the Last 1 mile Mobility concept uses batteries that may be present in an electric vehicle to allow for greater mobility after reaching its destination.

Mitsubishi last mile car


The 2023 Japan Mobility Expo is still a few weeks away, and the concept cars are scheduled to be unveiled during press days on October 25 and 26. The exhibition will be open to the general public from October 28 to November 5.

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