The Mulgo Pop-top turns the Ineos Grenadier into a limitless mini RV

The Australian Expedition Center is out of the gate early launching the first piece of camper kit we’ve seen for the new Ineos Grenadier. Its pop-up sleeper roof turns the British SUV into its own camping platform, giving the rugged go-anywhere SUV the ability to stay the night and string together extended off-road touring. The Expedition Center also offers options for more complete camper outfits for those who want additional amenities.

Expedition Center has been building pop-up roofs for popular Australian SUVs since 2009, and one of their signature products is the Mulgo Pop Top for the Land Rover Defender 110 (pre-2016). Because Ineos has paid a high level of attention to detail in the design of its new SUV in the spirit of the original Defender, it has made Expedition Center’s task of adapting the pop-up roof much easier. The URL for the Grenadier version even reads “Defender 110 version.”

The Mulgo Pop Top, made of aluminum, replaces the OEM roof to bring campervan-style expansion and sleeping capabilities directly to the Grenadier’s cabin. It raises within seconds with the help of built-in supports and features a separately adjustable sleeping platform that can be raised to create room to stand up and dropped down at bedtime.

The top of the Mulgo opens to standing height of the Grenadier when the sleeping platform is raised

Mission center

The Mulgo bed sleeps for two on top of a 2.8-inch (70mm) thick double-layer high-density mattress, and those looking for a little extra comfort can check the options box for the Swiss-designed Fanello slatted bed . A pair of LED reading lights illuminate the sleeping area. Sleeping bags can remain on the roof when closed to make packing easier.

The weatherproof and breathable Airtex fabric surrounding the pop-up area features mosquito mesh windows on three sides. All windows can be closed using secure Velcro panels.

The Expedition's center includes the same style of long side alcoves with integrated handles and power points as the Ineos roof
The Expedition’s center includes the same style of long side alcoves with integrated handles and power points as the Ineos roof

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Expedition Center designed the roof itself to closely match the form, color and function of the original Grendier. The design includes recessed handles on the sides of the roof and four original power points. Airline tracks above the roof can be used to mount load bars or roof racks.

Expedition Center introduced the new Grenadier Mulgo Pop Top at the Sydney 4×4 Adventure Show over the weekend. The roof kit starts at $15,750 AUD (about $10,140 USD) and is available for installation at the company’s headquarters in Mortdale, New South Wales. The company has a small distribution and installation network throughout Australia and individual sites in the United States (WA) and Switzerland.

Toyota Land Cruiser Expedition Center interior with expandable sofa bed
Toyota Land Cruiser Expedition Center interior with expandable sofa bed

Mission center

We’ve become convinced that something as simple as a 4×4 pop-up roof or pickup truck is the best style of off-road RV. It’s simple, fairly lightweight, flexible enough to easily return the vehicle to its daily duties, and can be easily supplemented with basic cooking and camping gear. But for those who prefer a more complete RV with integrated cooking and storage equipment, Expedition Center advertises the Grenadier interior trim option. Its photos show some space-efficient packages for the Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy that can also add an extra convertible bed.

You can watch Mulgo Top Pop, Drop, and Drive in the 3-minute video below.

Mulgo Pop Top – Ineos Grenadier (1st in the world!)

Source: Mission Center

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