The new Opel Grandland crossover attempts to hide its upcoming Jeep roots under a different skin

The new Opel Grandland crossover attempts to hide its upcoming Jeep roots under a different skin

Unless you’re interested in European crossovers, you probably don’t know anything about the Opel Grandland. But that model will soon be replaced by a completely new generation, which will have some very familiar underpinnings.

We’re talking about the STLA Medium platform, which is already the bedrock of the latest Peugeot 3008 (and e-3008) and will be used in the upcoming Jeep Compass as well. It’s a versatile architecture that supports electric and all-electric powertrains, and the new Opel (Vauxhall in the UK) Grandland is likely to get both options.

If he participates Eve Power with the latest Peugeot e-3008, then it will start with a single engine driving the front wheels and generating 207 hp (210 hp/254 hp). kilowatt) in the basic version, with the help of 73 kilowatt hours battery. This model has a range of 326 miles (525 km), and the Ultra Long Range, with its 98 kWh battery and 227 PS (230 PS / 169 kW), improves it to 435 miles (700 km). Last but not least, the dual motor has 315 PS (320 PS/235 kW) and has similar autonomy to the base engine.

We’d bet the next Grandland would have several of them ice Options too, and can have 1.2 liters with 48 volt technology. How do we know that? Because the Peugeot 3008 will also get this unit with 134 PS (136 PS/100 kW) and a six-speed transmission DCT Which drives the front wheels. This might be where the Stellantis-owned brand might draw the line, but if we were to bet on it, we’d also say it could also pack a plug-in hybrid kit. After all, it would bridge the gap between mild-hybrid and pure electric vehicle options.

2025 Opel Grandland

Photo: S.H. Brosots

Visually, the 2025 Opel Grandland will get a new interpretation of the Vizor face, flush-mounted door handles, muscular wheel arches, and a cleaner-looking front bumper and tailgate. The latest prototype doesn’t reveal anything we haven’t seen before, as we devoted an entire story to one tester a couple of months ago. Well, there’s a but here, and it’s all about the wheels, with the two hollowed-out prototypes riding on different alloys compared to the one produced last fall.

Since Opel plans to go electric by 2028, the ICE-powered Grandland should have a lifespan of three to four years. In the future, electric car models will survive, and will likely receive a mid-cycle update by then. Right now, the new movie is expected to premiere in a few weeks/months.

The outgoing Grandland has been around since 2017. It uses the PSA EMP2 platform, and comes with petrol, diesel and… PHEV Power, and serves as the successor to the renamed Chevrolet Captiva Antara, which in turn replaced the Frontera.

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