The new Toyota truck no one expected: Is this the new Ford Maverick killer?

The new Toyota truck no one expected: Is this the new Ford Maverick killer?

We’ve been talking about a new Toyota Stunt for a while, and now we have a potential concept — and it’s all electric!

This truck is not called A Toyota Stoutbut no Toyota EBU The concept, which means “electric pickup” in Toyota language.

First of all, the Toyota EPU concept debuted at the 2023 Japanese Mobility Expo, which Roman and Tommy are covering – in person! As such, they’re able to see this little guy up close, providing us with more information than the automaker has. Let me put it another way: Toyota has said very little about its mechanical/technical details.

The EPU measures just under 16 and 1/2 feet (five metres). This length puts it between the Ford Maverick, which is a hair longer, and the Santa Cruz, which is slightly shorter. What’s interesting here is the packaging, because it’s not a hybrid; Until now. As you can see, I think this platform might work with the hybrid or PHEV powertrain that Toyota already makes. This will be a boon to some, given the desire of many to move away from battery electric vehicles.

(Images: Toyota)

Oddly enough, Roman met one of the designers of this concept (it was designed at Toyota’s Calty Design Center), who asked him to read the press release. When the Romans did, he said so nothing About pretty much Everything.

We know that the rear seat bulkhead can be lowered, resulting in more luggage/sleeping space. It also has a steering yoke, instead of a proper steering wheel. The interior looks rather plain, even barren. All of this leads me to believe that they are trying to find ways to build this inexpensively.

Regarding the interior design, Roman believes that “Rivian (R1T) and Santa Cruz came together this is what they had.” Andre has already published an article about the EPU that you can read (here). Tommy believes that not only does it look production-ready, but the left-hand drive design makes it almost we Production is ready.

The Toyo Open Country ATs stuffed under the flared fenders look really cool to my eyes. As does the overall aesthetic, which reminds me a bit of Rivian. Also, the off-road tires seem to indicate the possibility of a dual-motor and all-wheel-drive (AWD) setup of some sort.

Photo: Toyota

By the way, this is another case where I think Tommy is right and Roman – – – is not. You see, Roman seems to think this battery-powered pickup truck will compete with the slightly larger Rivian truck. This is in terms of capacity and price. Tommy feels it is closer in capability, size and price to the Maverick and Santa Cruz. Judging by the size I already mentioned, it’s dead.

In general, I think Toyota Stout EPU (that’s what I It’s called), it could result in a truck sliding down a Tacoma, and it could be a huge hit. Especially if they offer a variety of engines.

what do you think?

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