The owner of the SUV explains what really happened

While India boasts of many world-class highways and expressways, one thing that many people still lack is a sense of responsible driving. Lane discipline is not a common practice in cities or on highways, where reckless driving often prevails, leading to accidents. Moreover, the risk of encountering violators, livestock and stray dogs on the roads is always there. In this video, we witness a terrifying incident where a truck almost pushed a Toyota Fortuner SUV off an overpass. Fortunately, the owner of the SUV survived the accident and provided a detailed account of the harrowing experience.

Arun Panwar shared the video on his YouTube channel, where he interviewed the driver of the Toyota Fortuner involved in the accident. The car owner is also from Haryana and was driving on an elevated road near Palwal around 12:30 am. As he was climbing onto the bridge, he noticed a truck in front of him. Unfortunately, the truck driver was crossing the right lane, which was inappropriate. There was no alternative, and the Fortuner driver had to overtake the truck from the left side.

The Fortuner driver signaled and began passing the truck. However, as he was about to complete the maneuver, the truck unexpectedly swerved into the left lane without giving any signal. The Fortuner’s driver didn’t have time to react, and the truck’s trailer had already hit the SUV’s door. The truck then pinned the SUV to the bridge wall, pulling it along. Surprisingly, the truck driver remained oblivious to this dangerous situation. The SUV eventually swung on the overpass’s safety wall, nearly falling. It appears that the truck driver may have fallen asleep while driving the vehicle.

Fortuner almost fell off the bridge

Finally, the truck driver realized the collision and suddenly stopped. It remains unclear whether the truck driver failed to see the vehicle behind him or simply fell asleep. A Toyota Fortuner owner, alone in the SUV, stayed inside because he wasn’t sure if the vehicle would roll over. He immediately called emergency services, while the truck driver, who fled the scene, called the nearest police station to report the accident. Ultimately, the car’s driver was able to escape through the driver’s side window because the doors were jammed.

The owner expressed his great relief that he had survived such a major accident and marveled at how well the SUV protected him. The car sustained damage to the hood, side panels, tires and alloys. This accident marked the owner’s first experience with such a serious accident, and emphasized the importance of a safe vehicle. He praised the build quality of the 9-year-old Fortuner and confirmed that he emerged from the accident without sustaining minor injuries. Even after the accident, the car started, but engine oil and other fluids seemed to have leaked. He plans to purchase more Toyota products in the future and intends to have the car repaired and restored at an authorized service center. An official case has also been registered in this regard against the truck driver.

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