The potential Lucid pickup truck appears in the form of a clay model

The potential Lucid pickup truck appears in the form of a clay model

It could be a design study. It could be a model for the future. Either way, we kind of want it.

Lucid clay truck model

California-based startup Lucid Motors makes some of the most impressive electric cars on the planet. Their designs are stunning, their technology is class-leading, and their straight-line performance conforms to the laws of physics as we currently understand them. But Lucid also faced a lot of challenges when it started when it came to sales, cash flow, costs, and more. Here’s one answer that could put numbers on the board right away: a pickup truck.

This is America. The answer to a lot of problems is just a “pickup truck.”

The recent sighting of what appears to be an electric pickup truck from Lucid has us thinking in this direction. Folks on the Lucid forum posted this photo of a clay truck, parked next to what could be a Gravity SUV scheduled to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week. Does this really mean a Lucid truck is coming soon? This is not very clear. A Lucid spokesperson declined to comment on future products.

On the one hand, there are clear visual similarities to the Lucid Air sedan, and the teasers we’ve seen for the new Gravity. It’s a handsome, sleek design, and one that manages to transfer Lucid’s design language into a truck that looks fresh and new — not derivative of something like the Rivian R1T. But it’s also clear that this is a clay model, and nowhere near a show car.

On the other hand, a more zoomed-out image posted on The entire auto industry time. In other words, this could just be a purely internal thing that somehow came to light at a time when it wasn’t supposed to happen.

It’s hard to look at this and count on the possibility of a real Lucid truck, but the company has clearly thought about it. It could be an interesting change for a startup. While the Air sedan is very impressive and offers some of the best range you can find anywhere, it has suffered for being a sedan in the SUV world and because of its high price. Of all things, a Lucid truck could position that company in a whole new segment of buyers. (And let’s be honest, it probably sounds better than this thing.)

We’ll get more from Lucid Motors this week at the LA Auto Show when the Gravity makes its debut, and we’ll see if we can learn anything about any pickup trucks that might be in the company’s future.

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