The price of the Lexus LBX crossover for kids starts at £29,995

The price of the Lexus LBX crossover for kids starts at £29,995

► New Lexus LBX starts from £29,995
► Distinctive small crossover

► First deliveries March 2024

The new Lexus LBX will start at £29,995 in the UK when first deliveries begin in the spring. All models at launch will be front-wheel drive and Brits can choose from nine different trim levels, extending up to £40,545 in the Takumi Design range.

It is a small crossover to extend the Lexus range into the compact SUV market. It’s significant in many ways, not least its larger-than-life aspirations, the smallest footprint of any Lexus in history, a new badge and its new design, which heralds a distinctive post-spindle grille.

The LBX is designed and engineered primarily for the European market, Lexus says, although the hybrid SUV will likely be sold on other continents as well.

Based on Toyota Group’s global GA-B platform like its sibling Toyota Yaris Cross, the Lexus LBX comes with a 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain featuring the latest and most powerful nickel-metal hydride batteries for greater range and power density.

How big is the Lexus LBX?

The LBX is 4190mm long and 1825mm wide, exactly the same as the popular Ford Puma. It’s smack in the middle of the small SUV segment, where it will compete with the likes of the VW T-Cross, Volvo XC40 and Mazda CX-30.

Lexus LBX three-quarter rear

The compact crossover is noteworthy for its new grille treatment. After a decade of the large “spindle” grille design that dominated the noses of most Lexus vehicles, the LBX adopts a new, minimalist look.

“We have dismantled the spindle grille to make room for a new front design,” said Koichi Suga, general manager of Lexus Design. We have succeeded in creating a new facial identity that is completely different from before and yet instantly recognizable as a Lexus.

The Slimline headlights are joined by a narrow opening that runs the width of the hood, shrinking the trapezoidal grille to a smaller opening below the metal badge on the leading edge of the hood. The grille has a more modest size, with the honeycomb pattern repeated on the body-coloured front bumper area.

Engines and specifications

Europe was the global lead region for the development of the LBX – a first ever for a Lexus. “This impact will help the LBX become one of the brand’s best-selling vehicles in Europe,” the company pledges.

There’s the familiar 1.5-litre three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine, compatible with the Toyota group’s self-charging hybrid technology. Total system power output is rated at 134 hp and 137 lb-ft and wheel sizes are 17 inches or 18 inches.

Lexus LBX side view

The drive is sent to the front wheels as standard, but higher-spec models will eventually come with Lexus’ E-Four all-wheel drive system that adds an electric motor at the rear axle, enabling traction at both ends.

No performance figures are available yet, but the similarly powered Yaris Cross can do 0-62mph in 11.2 seconds, a top speed of 105mph, fuel economy of 65.9mpg and 120g/km of Carbon Dioxide. We’d expect similar numbers for the Lexus LBX.


The LBX has seating for four and a cabin equipped to meet the brand’s luxury ambitions. The Lexus Link Connect system is standard, operated via a 9.8-inch touchscreen.

Lexus has made huge advances in infotainment in recent years, and you can now talk to your car using the “Hey Lexus” speech recognition feature. As is the brand’s tradition, audiophiles can also specify a state-of-the-art 13-speaker Mark Levinson stereo.

Lexus LBX interior

The Lexus LBX is a mid-size crossover, but cargo space is 332 liters for front-wheel-drive models; This number drops by an indeterminate amount on all-wheel-drive E-Four models.

Sounds good…what about the prices? When can I buy a Lexus LBX?

The first car is not scheduled to be delivered to customers until March 2024, eight months after its unveiling.

Model degree payment system price
Urban 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £29,995
beloved 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £32,495
Premium Plus 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £34,495
Premium Plus Design 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £35,595
Takumi 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £38,245
Takumi design 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £39,245
Takumi 1.5 hybrid electric all-wheel drive £39,545
Takumi design 1.5 hybrid electric all-wheel drive £40,545
Original edition 1.5 hybrid electric front wheel drive £39,995

LBX represents a new naming convention for the brand; Only LFA has enjoyed three characters before. Lexus says it stands for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, but the alternative reading is the L is for Lexus, the B indicates the B-segment market (so Ford Puma, Vauxhall Mokka etc) and the X again indicates it is an SUV/crossover, as In industry. .

It’s a market segment in which Lexus does not currently have a presence, and one it will likely be attracted to join given the prevalence and success of compact crossovers. It would also likely help win back some of the customers it had with the CT hatchback on sale until a few years ago.

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