The Ram ProMaster Stealth Camper is a workhorse on the outside and great on the inside

The bathroom in this truck looks nicer than what many people have at home.

Scarlett and Seth Eskelund are building truck #12, their latest being the culmination of everything they know about building a stealth mobile home. From the outside, the Ram ProMaster looks faceless. Stepping inside reveals a modern living space with plenty of hidden details.

Opening the sliding door instantly reveals the stylish bathroom. There is a skylight on the roof to enjoy natural sunlight while cleaning. The walls are made of Roman clay. The sliding door provides privacy and prevents water from entering the rest of the cabin. The composting toilet hides behind a small door and slides down a flight of stairs.

The rest of the living space features warm colors with lots of brown and beige tones. The couple uses wood veneer extensively throughout the interior as well.

The kitchen features a clean, simple design that keeps appliances hidden. The refrigerator is behind a wood-paneled door. There is a gas stove in the drawer, and there is a small toaster oven for other food preparation needs. Drawers and cabinets provide places to store food and utensils.

Two seats hide elegant details. One of them hides the litter box for the couple’s cats. The other opens to reveal a bag to collect dirty laundry.

The back area has a U-shaped sofa with a swivel table in the middle. This area converts to a bed, with storage underneath the cushions.

The couple uses low-key equipment on the roof to maintain a discreet appearance. There are 600 watts of marine solar panels that people can walk on. There is also a flat-mounted Starlink receiver. The air conditioning condenser is located under the truck, so it’s out of sight. reached out to the couple to get more details on building this truck. We have not heard back from them yet.

Stealth camper designs seem to be increasingly popular. We recently saw a custom Isuzu box truck with a modest exterior and luxurious cabin. The modified Mercedes Sprinter followed a similar design ethos and packed the kitchen and bathroom into a small physical space.

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