The revived 2025 Subaru Baja compact truck looks weirder than usual, even in fantasy land.

The revived 2025 Subaru Baja compact truck looks weirder than usual, even in fantasy land.

Unlike its Japanese counterparts Toyota and Nissan, which have been focused on the 2023 SEMA Show even during the ongoing Japanese Mobility Expo (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show), Subaru didn’t reveal anything fancy or tempting earlier this month for North America.

Nissan, for example, has shown that it can also play the off-road sports car game with the Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Huracan Sterato with the Safari Rally Z homage to the Datsun 240Z from more than half a century ago. Toyota, on the other hand, which has always been the public company, showed it all — from old Specialized FJ designs to Tundra engine improvements and Tacoma X-Runner sport truck concepts.

Meanwhile, Subaru of America has only announced pricing details for the 2024 BRZ sports car among other less-than-interesting news – the new starting price is $30,195, and the 2024MY model also brings to life the new performance-focused BRZ tS that rocks Some STI upgrades and a top-notch MSRP of $35,345 (excluding $1,120 destination and delivery). In fact, only the Solterra is a fully electric crossover SUVs 2023MY left; The rest of the small lineup is poised to keep up with the good stuff for 2024. But what comes next?

Well, if you ask the imaginary world of digital car content creators, Subaru might as well surprise everyone and join the new party of the revived small pickup truck segment in the American auto market. However, rumor mills, especially pixel masters, aren’t quite sure which nameplate will attack the Ford Maverick’s crown or at least position itself between the electrified Blue Oval and the sleeker Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Some say Subaru will join partner Toyota in attacking the unibody compact pickup truck segment by bringing back the old-school BRAT nameplate. In contrast, others believe the Japanese automaker would be better off by reviving the slightly more modern Baja moniker. Meanwhile, good people are behind RMD car The YouTube channel decided it was safe to imagine both alternatives.

First, they brought the Subaru BRAT to AI-powered CGI life with a bold virtual design and a $23,000 MSRP to perfectly rival the cheaper 2024 Ford Maverick. Now, they’ve also set up a Baja revival with a quirky design that will pay homage to the 2002-2006 original along with versions that more closely resemble their ideas of a traditional unibody compact pickup truck.

Speaking of classic dreams, the AutomagzTV A YouTube channel, which calls itself a “webzine” dedicated to helping us “discover all the new cars before anyone else,” also has an unofficial look at the 2025 Subaru Baja with its hybrid powertrain and modern styling. So, which is your favorite car, the quirky Baja or the Jeep Gladiator-inspired version above all?

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