The revived Dodge Journey returns from the underbelly as a rugged off-road CUV*

Simple footnote: This is all just wishful thinking, and the author is in no way affiliated with Dodge, Jeep, or Stellantis. However, we still felt that this project was compelling enough to attract our attention.

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Image: KDesign AG/Behance

Unlike some other names — like Challenger and Charger, as well as the Ram 1500 TRX supertruck — Stellantis doesn’t throw away all the quirks. New for 2024, the Durango continues on for 2024, complete with the feisty Durango SRT Hellcat!

What was initially just one model turned into a long-lasting nameplate – the Durango SRT Hellcat – which probably surprised all the collectors and patrons who were hoping they could sell the 710-horsepower monster for a quick profit. After a few months of getting it. It’s really nice when automakers openly exceed expectations.

So, who’s to say Dodge won’t go out of its way again to accommodate something no one has ever asked for? Common sense, for starters, but this is a ship that has long sailed from the auto industry when it comes to decisions made in the offices of managers who inhabit corner areas. In any case, we’re still fairly certain that the Dodge Journey won’t be coming back anytime soon, regardless of whether the imaginary world of digital car content creators wants it or not.

For starters, the third-generation Dodge Durango became its de facto successor when the American automaker ended production after the 2020 model year. Second, it’s still too late to gauge the public’s reaction to the loss and justify its reintroduction. Third, Dodge has already focused on a different segment of the crossover SUVs market with the recent introduction of the smaller Dodge Hornet.

Well, that certainly doesn’t matter in CGI parallel universes. There, Kleber Silva, a virtual artist based in Brazil known as KDesign AG On social media, he decided to make a CGI visualization of the beginning of a new journey, and nothing will stop him. Instead, he doubled down on the idea of ​​reviving the Dodge Journey with two additional Dodge models.

But first things first – let’s discuss this hypothetical revival of the Dodge Journey. Pixel Master used “the toughness of the Jeep Commander with touches of the new Dodge Hornet and Durango.” The idea isn’t a bad one, honestly, as Dodge could easily try to compete with the Ford Bronco, Toyota 4Runner, or 2024 Land Cruiser for a place in the boxy SUV establishment.

However, the execution is a bit tedious as the end result is nothing more than a slightly different-styled Durango – which frankly is neither serious nor soothing. Therefore, I voted against this digital project. On the other hand, there are also two different ideas that still deserve our attention – the next-generation Dodge Attitude-badged small sedan, which now resembles a Fiat Cronos rather than a Hyundai Accent or Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

There’s also the cute Dodge Avenger that transforms from a (now dead) sedan into a dual-flavor compact electric SUV with the Jeep Avenger. So, in the end, which of these three Dodge proposals is your favorite?

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