The Sedona Food Truck Fest delivers delicious flavors

The Sedona Food Truck Fest delivers delicious flavors

Nearly a dozen food trucks will be on hand for the fifth edition of the Sedona Food Truck Festival. The festival is one of the largest annual events sponsored by the City of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department, and will be held on Saturday, November 4 from 11am-5pm at Boss Grounds Park.

“There is no surplus (with) our food vendors this year,” Parks and Recreation special events coordinator Jason Fargo said. “I’m really excited about the diversity we have at our festival this year. This year we’re going to try to enhance the physical design of the festival even more, and hopefully make it more cohesive and immersive. We’re bringing things closer together. In the past, a lot of the experiences were separate because there were food trucks in “One field (with) music and tables in another field. This year…it will be in one field.”

Attendees will also have the option of playing some of the games the city will be holding, such as Corn Hole. Tokens will be available for beer and wine at the Rotary Club at the Sedona Red Rocks Pavilion.

All food trucks will offer $5 sample items in addition to their full menus. Samples can be a smaller portion of a regular menu item, a side dish or something unique.

Sedona Food Truck Festival Vendors
Batchelor Bad BBQ
Cheese stops
Christie’s caffeine station
Dipping points
Down the bayou
Unconventional beta
Ice him
Old crow
Shame is rude
Yaki taqueria

“It’s up to the individual food trucks why they want to serve it,” Fargo said. “Sedona Parks and Recreation may have a full menu of $5 sampler foods on the website later this week.”

DJ Lounge Lizard D will be playing, and this year’s featured live band will be Llory McDonald and Combo Deluxe, with McDonald on guitar and vocals, Steve Potorwig on drums, and Darrell Eckard on bass guitar, who will perform typical shows from 1 to 3 p.m. The group’s cover song set list ranges from the Staple Singers, Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Joan Jett, and The Beatles to the Rolling Stones.

“It’s very selective,” MacDonald said. “You’ll have a great time. We’re a fun band to watch and (you’ll) want to dance. We like to have a good time, and I think the audience notices that and has a good time too. So expect a good time and dancing. We’ve never done (the festival) before, so I Interested in seeing all the food trucks too. Should be a fun time as we look forward to the beauty and red rocks.

Parking for this event is free, with options to park either at West Sedona School or at Posse Grounds Park. The city will not provide shuttle service this year. While thousands have turned out for the event in previous years, Fargo expects parking to be easier to control.

“We had tried (a) shuttle in previous years. It was an underutilized method and not particularly effective,” Fargo said. “But the great thing about this is that there is a high turnover of people in and out of the festival. It is not common for people to stay there all day. Parking lot turnover should be constant throughout the day.

For more information, or call Sedona Parks and Recreation at (928) 282-7098.

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