The sportiest crossover in India? (video)

The sportiest crossover in India?  (video)

Earlier this year, Maruti Suzuki India Limited launched its one-of-its-kind offering: the Frontix crossover SUV in India. This model is based on the brand’s premium hatchback, the Baleno, but it does not resemble it at all. Because of this and its new turbocharged engine, it has become one of the most popular premium products from Maruti Suzuki in India. Recently, a video was shared online showcasing the sporting capabilities of this new crossover SUV. The new Veronica is pushed to its limits on winding mountain roads.

The video of the sporty side of the Maruti Suzuki Bronx Turbo was shared on YouTube by Bunny Punia on their channel. The video begins with an introduction to the Fronx Turbo where the presenter gives an overview of this crossover. It is reported that it is currently the most sports car Maruti on sale in India, and in this video, he will drive this crossover on twisty mountain roads to explore its fun driving characteristics.

Vronex Turbo exterior design

Then the announcer spoke before driving the Fronex Turbo about the exterior design. It is reported that the fact that this crossover is based on the outgoing Baleno. However, it doesn’t look like a baleno from the outside. The Fronx features a more aggressive and powerful design language, which includes plenty of creases and sharp body lines.

It is noteworthy that the Fronex’s stance is also very low, and it rides on 16-inch diamond wheels, which look beautiful. Next, he adds, the crossover gets LED lights everywhere. The front features a split headlamp design with the upper lights acting as LEDs and turn indicators. He adds that the taillights are also LED units that get a smart-looking connected light in the middle.

Fronex turbo engine specifications

Next, he begins by describing the Fronx Turbo engine. It is noteworthy that the new Fronx Turbo gets the same engine as the Baleno RS, which was launched a few years ago as a sports version of the premium hatchback. This time, the company has called this engine the Boosterjet, which delivers a respectable 100 hp and 147 Nm of torque. The Fronx Turbo offers manual and automatic transmission options.

FRONX Turbo Performance

The presenter then tests the performance of the Fronx Turbo crossover. The first test he performs is to test the maximum speed of each gear. The speed of the FRONEX Turbo in first gear reaches 45 km per hour, then in second gear it reaches 80 km per hour, and in third gear it reaches 130 km per hour. Next, it performs an acceleration test. In this test, the Fronx Turbo accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.5 seconds.

FRONX Turbo driving dynamics

Next, the presenter takes the Fronx Turbo on twisty mountain roads to test its driving characteristics. The Fronx Turbo is a lively car that looks more powerful. The handling of curves is also very stable and inspires a lot of confidence. Apart from this, it also provides a very leadership position. Finally, he adds, the Fronex also gets very comfortable and supportive seats with large side bolsters that help stabilize it during spirited driving.

FRONX Turbo Interior

Finally, the announcer shows the interior of the Vronex and mentions that it has the same interior design as the Baleno hatchback. It comes with the same 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system and the same controls for the air conditioning system. The presenter adds that the overall theme of the interior is a little on the dark side.

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