The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe last year

The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe last year

The electric crossover has become the first electric vehicle to win the continental sales crown in history.

Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y

In a surprising turn of events, the Tesla Model Y has secured its position as the best-selling car in Europe for 2023. Preliminary data from market research specialists at Dataforce reveals that the American electric car has made a strong lead over its closest competitor, the Dacia Sandero. With figures representing 97 percent of sales in the EU, EFTA countries and the UK, the Model Y triumphs over the Romanian by a margin of 254,822 to 235,893 units.

How did the Model Y win the crown? One of the main reasons is that Tesla strategically found success by implementing significant price cuts at the beginning of 2023, a trend that has continued into the current year. The company also benefited from incentives targeting company vehicles in Germany last year, where the Model Y emerged as the best-selling EV with nearly 45,800 registrations, according to Car News.

Throughout 2023, the Model Y held the best-selling position in seven out of 12 months, demonstrating its continued popularity. The Dacia Sandero took first place in four months, while the Volkswagen T-Roc took first place in one month. Below is a list of the 20 best-selling cars in Europe last year:

Top 20 best-selling models in Europe for 2023

In contrast to the previous year’s rankings, where the Peugeot 208 ranked first in the list of best-selling cars in Europe in 2022 and the Sandero came in second place, the Model Y’s rise in 2023 marks the first time an electric car has claimed the top spot in the annual sales report. in Europe. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Golf, which topped the sales charts in 2021, is expected to fall to seventh place in 2023.

As a final note, the Model Y was the fifth best-selling model in America last year with approximately 403,897 units delivered to customers. This figure represents a 16 percent increase compared to 2022 when the Model Y was the best-selling car globally.

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