The updated 2025 Honda CR-V crossover spills the CGI beans with a mix of eye-catching colors

The updated 2025 Honda CR-V crossover spills the CGI beans with a mix of eye-catching colors

If we look at America’s 2023 mix of America’s best-selling cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks, we’ll find several compact crossover nameplates in the top 25 deliveries.

For example, according to Car and Driver, Ford’s Escape is in 25th place, followed by Subaru’s Forester (24), Mazda’s CX-5 (23), Subaru’s Crosstrek (21), Hyundai Tucson (15), and Chevrolet Equinox (14). , April. The Rogue (ninth), Honda’s CR-V (sixth), and the ubiquitous Toyota RAV4 in fourth. Essentially, the latter is breathing down the neck of Ram trucks (445K vs. 435K) and may strive to attack the Chevy Silverado (543K) and Ford F-Series (751K) thrones one day.

Interestingly, we’re sure many corner office heads from American Honda’s headquarters are scratching their heads trying to come up with a solution to also approach the podium with the iconic CR-V. In fact, the company sold nearly 52% of its compact SUVs last year, while Toyota’s competitors rose just 9% over the same period.

As such, it’s clearly important to keep the momentum going, as far as Honda is concerned – especially since Toyota may opt to introduce an all-new RAV4 later this year since the current fifth-generation model has been around since 2018. The sixth CR-V hits the market in 2022 and hasn’t made many changes since then.

Well, don’t worry, the fantasy world of digital car content creators is coming to the rescue with the decision to reveal early – and quite unofficially – the updated 2025 Honda CR-V compact crossover. SUVs. Good people in Otoya The YouTube info channel has imagined a CGI look for a potential facelift of the popular Honda CR-V compact car, and their resident pixel master is responsible for making this look like an authentic Honda. There are subtle changes everywhere so die-hard fans won’t be afraid of the extreme (virtual) redesign. Light accents cover both the front and rear (where there is now a hidden lighting strip) and introduce a huge image-oriented infotainment screen into the cabin.

Of course, the channel’s CGI expert also envisioned a whole host of cool colors for the unofficial update to the Honda CR-V compact SUV, with regular and two-tone options. Interestingly, while the Japanese automaker only sells the CR-V with gasoline (from $29,500) and hybrid engines (from $34,000), the 2025 design project fancies the arrival of a plug-in hybrid option, as shown with the help of outlets. Front and rear dual charging and gasoline. So, what do you think – will Honda update the CR-V soon to prepare to battle the all-new RAV4, and will the facelift be subtle or more dramatic than in this hypothetical rendering?

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