The VF 8 electric SUV from VinFast joins the eco-friendly luxury driving scene

The VF 8 electric SUV from VinFast joins the eco-friendly luxury driving scene

Markham, Ontario, November 02, 2023(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an automotive landscape where luxury and sophistication often seem out of reach, VinFast’s VF 8 is a game-changer in the electric SUV scene, offering new options for environmentally conscious consumers without spending a lot of money. Our commitment to providing “premium products at affordable prices” is reflected in VF 8, providing new options for those looking for enhanced comfort, safety and style, whether you are a family or an individual.

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All-wheel-drive all-electric SUV, VinFast VF 8 (Photo: Business Wire)

Active safety features

VinFast prioritizes safety in its electric vehicles with active safety features like automatic emergency braking, a head-up display, and a driver monitoring system to help keep their eyes on the road. To further enhance the vehicle’s safety, the VF 8 is also equipped with an advanced digital safety system that can alert emergency services in the event of an accident through automatic electronic dialing and an SOS emergency button – providing quick access to first responders. The VF 8 also features 11 airbags for all-round protection, which exceeds industry standards.

In-cabin features

VinFast has outfitted the VF 8 with advanced cabin amenities and features, including an automatic side-view mirror with heating, auto anti-glare, and position keeping. Dual-zone air conditioning with air quality control, air ionizer and Combi 1.0 cabin filter keeps the air inside the cabin clean and fresh, and allows drivers and passengers to set separate temperature controls. The VF 8’s panoramic sunroof keeps passengers connected to nature, while the VF 8 PLUS’s heated and ventilated seats in both rows support driver and passenger comfort. Customizable ambient lighting also allows those in the VF 8 to set the mood, and a heated steering wheel ensures hands stay warm in cooler climates.

Connected and fun

VinFast’s commitment to connectivity is highlighted in the VF 8. The 15.6-inch touchscreen keeps drivers connected and entertained, with access to VF Online packages that allow them to seamlessly manage their home and business, all remotely and securely.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates ensure that each VF 8 remains future-proof by receiving regular automatic or manual updates to the operating system and applications. Alexa Voice Assistant adds a touch of convenience, allowing for natural, human-like conversations and access to navigation assistance and entertainment options.

Sustainability meets elegance

The VinFast VF 8 offers a balance between design and sustainability. Firmly rooted in environmental responsibility, the VF 8 excels in performance while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint, achieving an impressive EPA range of 264 miles in the ECO category, making it a smart choice for drivers who prioritize environmental sustainability without compromising reliability. This range ensures that drivers can take long trips without constantly worrying about charging. Additionally, VinFast’s VF 8 comes with access to over 93% of the charging station’s network.

In addition to fuel efficiency, the VF 8 also brings sophistication and comfort to the fore with a luxurious vegan leather interior in both models and a body design that incorporates Italian-inspired aesthetics from world-famous design house Pininfarina Sharp, with flowing lines contributing to this. To the sporty and aerodynamic appearance of the car, making it eye-catching on the road.

Pricing and after-sales service

The VF 8 is an accessible electric vehicle with a starting MSRP of $46,000 for the ECO model and $51,800 for the PLUS model. VinFast also stands out when it comes to after-sales service, offering extended warranties, delivery and shipping solutions, and one year of free shipping with every order placed of either the VF 8 ECO or VF 8 PLUS.

Ready for the trip

The VinFast VF 8 emerges as a compelling addition to the electric vehicle scene. Its impressive range, blazing-fast charging speeds, and extensive network of more than 100,000 public charging stations across North America make it noteworthy in the electric vehicle market.

About Finfast

VinFast – a member of Vingroup – envisions leading the global smart electric vehicle revolution. Founded in 2017, VinFast has a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with world-leading scalability and up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

VinFast is firmly committed to the mission of achieving a sustainable future for all, and constantly innovates to provide high-quality products, advanced intelligent services, seamless customer experiences and pricing strategy for all to inspire global customers to create a future of smart and sustainable mobility. planet. Learn more at:

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