These are the best used hybrid cars

These are the best used hybrid cars

If you’re not quite ready to opt for an all-electric car, a hybrid model makes a lot of sense.

These vehicles continue to gain popularity as more people look to switch from their traditional petrol and diesel cars to hybrids. These products often provide better fuel economy and lower emissions, and although they are more expensive to purchase, they generally hold their value well. Hybrid cars often top reliability surveys too, making them a sound choice as a used buy, while you won’t need to worry about ULEZ restrictions as they are all exempt.

So what are the best used hybrid cars available? Here we choose the best models in various shapes and sizes.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota was the first company to bring a hybrid car to the market more than 25 years ago, and it continues to be a leader in the technology. In fact, the majority of cars it sells now are hybrids of some sort.

The choice of used car is Corolla. Available as a hatchback or a more practical sports tourer, both are ideal family cars thanks to their spacious interiors, great safety equipment and outstanding hybrid efficiency. Although a new Corolla starts at more than £30,000, a four-year-old example can be had for around £13,500.

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Be Nero

The Kia Niro was well ahead of the curve when it was launched in 2016, being one of the first cars to be available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric car. The Niro has helped establish Kia as a leader in the world of electric vehicles, with its easy-going nature and practical interior making it an attractive choice for many.

Our pick of the bunch is the standard hybrid, which is the most affordable to buy and still delivers great fuel economy. Used, low-mileage examples can be purchased for around £13,000. Some may still be covered by Kia’s class-leading seven-year warranty.

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Volkswagen Golf GTE

If you want a hybrid car that offers more electric range, it’s worth looking at a plug-in hybrid car. Ideal for those who commute short distances and have easy access to charging, the Volkswagen Golf GTE offers around 25 miles of electric driving capability.

With a sportier-looking design than the standard Golf, the GTE also features more standard equipment and unique touches like C-shaped LED headlights. Make the most of the electric range and it can be impressively efficient. Low-mileage examples can be purchased for around £14,000 for a 2017 car.

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Lexus NX

Lexus is Toyota’s most recognizable brand, and as a result it also leads the way when it comes to hybrids, with almost all of its models in the past decade sold with this type of engine. Our pick would be the NX – a mid-size SUV that rivals the BMW X3.

Introduced for 2014, the NX offers a pleasantly comfortable ride, while the overall fit and finish feels particularly upscale. Ideal for city commuting, the NX, like all Lexus models, has a strong reputation for reliability. Used, low-mileage examples can be purchased for around £18,000.

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Honda Jazz

Honda is another company that is going all-in on electric cars, as all but one of its cars these days are either hybrids or electric. This includes the popular Jazz, which is now sold complete with a self-charging hybrid setup that delivers impressive fuel economy.

The Jazz is one of the smallest cars to use this type of engine, but clever packaging ensures Honda retains all the practicality that this small car is known for. With a large trunk and plenty of rear seat space, it’s perfect for those looking to downsize. Honda doesn’t introduce its new Jazz hybrid until 2020, so prices are still fairly high, although stylish, low-mileage examples start from £17,000.

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Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift uses a slightly different type of hybrid, as it’s a ‘mild’ unit instead, offering limited electric starting capability, but strong fuel economy. Suzuki claims 56 mpg, although more can easily be achieved with careful driving.

If you’re looking for an affordable hybrid, the Suzuki Swift is the perfect car, with prices for used examples starting from under £10,000. Light controls make this little car ideal for around town, while if you skip the entry-level model, the level of standard equipment is very impressive.

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Volvo XC90 T8

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Volvo XC90 T8 – one of the few hybrids that comes with seven seats as standard. It’s a plug-in hybrid model that offers up to 25 miles of electric range, which you’ll have to make the most of, as the 2.0-litre petrol engine can be quite thirsty on its own.

However, with over 400 horsepower, this large SUV offers plenty of space, all while having a stunning, upscale interior. The level of safety kit fitted to the XC90 is also impressive. Low-mileage XC90 hybrids can be purchased for around £30,000, giving you a lot of car for the money.

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