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What do drivers want in their new car to be satisfied? While drivers may place different emphasis on certain factors and vehicle characteristics, those factors include vehicle start-up, driving feel, fuel efficiency, safety, comfort, exterior and interior appeal, infotainment system, and more. When drivers are not satisfied with these characteristics, motorists report it to car manufacturers. (See also, The least reliable new cars in America.)

To find the car brand that most Americans hate, 24/7 Wall Street reviewed J.D. Power’s 2023 car 2023 American Automotive Performance, Execution, and Planning (APEAL) Study. The study ranks car brands Through the owners’ emotional attachment and level of excitement to their new car. J.D. Power asked new car owners to consider 37 attributes, ranging from comfort to get in and out of the car and driving feel, and calculated an overall APEAL score on a 1,000-point scale.. We’ve included last year’s index score and each brand’s car sales for the first half of 2023 Jodkarbadkar. Relationships in APEAL score were broken using sales figures.

The least attractive car brands were mostly similar to those in the survey conducted a year ago. One notable change was that the Honda, the most disliked car of 2022, rose seven places, improving its APEAL score from 824 to 835, although it was still well below the sector average score of 837. Honda gives the most hated distinction to Chrysler, which was the second most hated brand a year ago.

The most cursed car brands were mass-market nameplates, which occupied the bottom 14 spots. Eight of the brands were below the sector average of 837. Notable mass-market outliers that beat the sector average were Dodge, Ram and GMC.

Seven premium brands received an APEAL score below the industry average of 871. Acura, with a score of 853, was the most disliked luxury car brand.

In terms of noticeable movement on the list, Genesis fell from obtaining the second highest score last year to obtaining the sixth highest score this year, and Cadillac fell from the third highest score to tenth place. Dodge moved up the ranks from the fourth-highest finish last year, and Jaguar jumped to the second-highest score from ninth.

Low APEAL scores do not necessarily translate into lower sales. Only six of the car brands on the list recorded lower sales in the first half than in the same period in 2022. Toyota, the third least popular car brand, recorded sales of 875,959 vehicles in the first half of 2023, an increase of 3% over first half sales. From 2023. A year ago, the second highest sales total after Ford. (This is the best-selling car in America.)

Alfa Romeo, the 12th most popular car brand, recorded a 26.2% sales decline in the first half of 2023, the largest decline of any car brand.

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