This Mercedes Sprinter adventure vehicle has a unique design featuring a hidden shower

Adventure vans and motorhomes are some of the coolest vehicles you can own. Sure, monster off-roaders are excellent in their own right, but there’s something special about the freedom that building a truck offers. However, they usually have their fair share of drawbacks, with compromises being almost synonymous with truck life, something every adventurer must come to terms with.

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Photo: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures/YouTube

But, as is often the case in life, ingenuity, creativity, and careful planning can minimize the compromises we have to deal with. The Mercedes Sprinter took this idea seriously and features a wonderful, innovative design. The only thing that makes this truck conversion even more impressive is that the Sprinter it’s based on is a short-wheelbase option with all-wheel drive, which limits the space available.

So, with restrictions at every corner, every inch inside this adventure wagon had to be used optimally. The build and design of this truck exceeds expectations in terms of space utilization, with hidden features everywhere, high-quality materials throughout, and plenty of storage space available.

This does not mean that there are no drawbacks, although it depends on different people’s points of view. The lack of solar panels is the most obvious example of the odd choice on this truck. Instead, the 11,000-watt batteries are powered by a secondary generator in the truck’s engine, meaning there’s no way to generate power without starting the engine.

Mercedes Sprinter adventure car with hidden shower

Photo: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures/YouTube

This is not ideal since there is an air conditioning unit as well as an induction stove and a 28-gallon (106 L) freshwater tank mounted outside that must be heated. Keep in mind that the all-electric setup was designed with that in mind, with everything easy to access, including all the overrides. There is also a DC to DC converter to step down the voltage from 48 to 12 amps and a 3000 watt inverter.

On the other hand, it’s an adventure truck, so you’ll likely spend some time somewhere where shore power is available. It is also intended to be a means of transportation and a place to sleep, as most of the time is spent outside, exploring and reducing energy consumption.

With the potential drawback out of the way, let’s jump in and check out the good stuff. The kitchen is the first room revealed by the sliding door, but as is mandatory in truck construction, it is multi-functional.

But let’s first look at its primary purpose, which it achieves well. There’s enough countertop space to create a decent cooking area and more storage space than can reasonably be expected from a truck build, even while hiding the water heater. There’s also a decent-sized butcher block-topped sink, a double induction cooktop, and a four-cubic-foot refrigerator.

Mercedes Sprinter adventure car with hidden shower

Photo: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures/YouTube

On the wall opposite the galley, a swivel-mounted table can convert the captain’s chairs in the driver’s cabin into a dinette, further improving functionality. There’s also a small padded seat next to the table that hides a toilet, a necessary amenity in any adventure truck.

Speaking of the driver’s cabin, it’s also been thoughtfully designed, with a blackout curtain and overhead storage space. But these features pale in comparison to what takes center stage in the kitchen. A quick glance above reveals a shower head mounted on the roof of the truck, directly above a shower tray hidden by a cover made of wood slats. It’s amazing to see inside such a small truck, as it’s usually a feature that’s given up for space. But it doesn’t take up any space here, as everything is built into the ceiling and floor, and only a magnetic curtain is needed to assemble it.

Moving back, there are more pleasant surprises: a large bench seat, acres of overhead storage space with gas struts, and a Murphy bed. As if that wasn’t enough, the bedside also includes a TV screen that can be connected to a laptop for work. Lowering the bed is also as easy as loosening the two latches, dropping it onto the bench seat, and moving the cushions, creating a short, queen-sized bed quickly and easily. It is also spring-mounted, making the operation hassle-free.

Mercedes Sprinter adventure car with hidden shower

Photo: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures/YouTube

Features inside this truck include a Webasto heater, a display to manage energy consumption, and a remote control for the air conditioner. There’s also a button to control a full-height curtain on the tailgate, as well as an insect net that allows the bed to turn into an excellent vantage point for enjoying nature.

Overall, this truck is very innovative, with features that would put many other designs to shame. The creative design of this adventure truck works so well that it can serve as a mobile home, although some solar power is needed to make that viable. It’s just a great display of creativity and a great scheme to follow in order to maximize space inside the conversion truck.

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