This off-road-ready truck camper can sleep up to five people and even has space for a hammock

This off-road-ready truck camper can sleep up to five people and even has space for a hammock

One thing I always appreciate about camper designs is the clever sleeping arrangement. Some people want the space to themselves, while others want to share the van life experience with friends or family. An example of the latter category is the device I’m presenting today, which can accommodate up to five people despite the compact space.

Your best bet for coming up with a campervan that can fit multiple people is a coach conversion – needless to say, it offers the most real estate of any basic camper vehicle. But for some adventurers, a bus is too big and expensive, so the next reasonable option is minivans.

What we have here is a 2016 Ford Transit Dually with a 148-inch wheelbase converted by Freedom Vans. If you’re not familiar with the term “dually,” it means the car has four tires on the rear axle instead of just two. The feature enables it to carry a heavier load and tow more than a regular vehicle.

Freedom Vans is a truck conversion company based in Bellingham, Washington. They named this little house on wheels “Hasta Luego,” which means “see you later” in Spanish. What’s more, this is the company’s first rental truck, so if you’re interested, you can get your hands on it. Perhaps this is why the Freedom Vans team has prepared more sleeping places inside this van, as there is a high possibility that a family will rent this platform.

I’ll start with the exterior – you’ll notice that the builders made several upgrades to the base vehicle. Perhaps most important is the Van Compass Stage 2 Topo 2.0 suspension, which adds 2 inches (5 cm) of lift and makes the platform ready for off-roading. Pair that with the Wild Peak all-terrain tires, and you’re ready to go off the beaten track.

Photo: YouTube screenshot/Freedom Trucks

Up front, the truck features a Hammerhead bumper with D-rings, while the rear has a Backwoods bumper and a spare tire mounted on a ladder leading to the roof. Once you climb up, you’ll discover a roof rack like you’ve never seen before — and I mean that literally, because it’s the first ever Freedom Vans Transit roof rack, complete with a 370-watt solar panel.

You’ll notice that it takes up the entire width of the roof, and is equipped with cross bars, a canopy, and a comprehensive lighting system featuring multiple LED bars.

The truck’s blue exterior continues inside, where the cabinets are finished in the same color. You’ll find a layout commonly used in campervans, where the galley is on the driver’s side, the dinette is on the other side, and the bedroom is in the back.

Starting from the front, you’ll notice that the driver’s cabin is exactly the same as it left the factory. The only exceptions are the windshield-mounted rear camera and the two seats that can rotate.

This camper rental can sleep up to five people and even has space for a hammock

Photo: YouTube screenshot/Freedom Trucks

It’s safe to say that those who rent the truck will have no problems cooking on board. The kitchen has a spacious quartz countertop, double induction cooktop, deep sink with built-in wooden cutting board, water filter, microwave and refrigerator. Furthermore, there is a 5-gallon (19 L) jug installed under the sink, which serves as a gray water tank.

Other notable touches are large speakers, a small shelf, and a stainless steel backsplash. Although the stainless steel wall matches the truck’s aesthetic, I can’t help but think that opting for tile or even peel-and-stick tile would be a great design touch. However, this setup has an advantage: the stainless steel is magnetic, so you can store all kinds of tools on the wall.

For storage, the builders created several storage units and cabinets, one of which houses a Nature’s Head composting toilet mounted on a drawer slide. Moreover, the upper cabinets extend along the ceiling. One hides part of the truck’s electrical system: the fuse box and the AC distribution panel.

While we’re on the subject of facilities, you should know that there is no air conditioning on this platform. Instead, Freedom Vans outfitted the van with proper insulation while a ceiling fan and windows ventilated the area. Furthermore, the company installed a gas heater for cold days.

This camper rental can sleep up to five people and even has space for a hammock

Photo: YouTube screenshot/Freedom Trucks

On the other side, you will find the lounge area consisting of an L-shaped bench and two swivel tables. This space can be transformed into a bedroom by rearranging the cushions and table tops – it’s spacious enough to accommodate two people. However, there is a slight drawback to this setup – you can’t reach the toilet drawer.

Here’s something I’ve never seen inside a campervan before: two hammock attachment points built into the ceiling. This way, an extra soul can sleep on the ship, although this may not be the most comfortable solution. With the hammock included in the count, five people can sleep inside, or even more, if you squeeze an extra person into the queen bed.

This brings me to the final area: the bedroom. The large side-by-side bed is mounted in the back of the truck—the builders were able to fit it that way by cutting spaces in both sidewalls.

Just as in many other camper conversions, the remaining space under the bed serves as a garage. It can be accessed from the outside by opening the back door or through a door created by the builders from the inside.

This camper rental can sleep up to five people and even has space for a hammock

Photo: YouTube screenshot/Freedom Trucks

You’ll discover an outdoor shower complete with teak rug, a 30-gallon (114 L) freshwater tank, a 4-gallon (15 L) water heater, and a 400-amp battery bank. Other notable items are several storage hooks, a large gear tray with bike holders, and another storage tray. A nice touch is that there’s an additional small door leading inward, allowing you to store larger items, such as skis.

Overall, Freedom Vans did a great job with this conversion. Although it has some downsides, such as the lack of an indoor shower or air conditioning, it makes up for it with a functional design and multiple comfortable sleeping spaces.

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