This unique camper van blends charming Victorian design with modern touches

We’ve seen a lot of different campervan designs here as auto develops, from simple to rustic, modern and more. But every once in a while, I come across really unique designs, like the platform I want to talk about today. Get to know Bev and her “Ava Van Danjou” A carriage house, a luxurious Victorian boudoir on wheels.

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Image: YouTube screenshot / Johnny’s Journey

The beauty of developing a custom campervan is that you can add a personal touch to your home on wheels. This usually involves creating the perfect layout and adding various design touches, such as textures and color schemes. In Bev’s case, she had a unique vision to fulfill, and she came out looking amazing.

What we have here is the 2021 Ram ProMaster 2500. Bev spent nearly two years gathering ideas for her truck, and Johnny and the MidWest Van Builders team helped bring her vision to life. Glancing at the car from the outside, you can tell it’s a house on wheels, but nothing suggests the unique design you’ll find inside.

A great feature of the ProMaster is that it comes with two main doors, one on each side. However, only one can be used to enter the carriage, as the galley blocks the other.

You will be instantly transported into the past as soon as you step into the truck. The interior is covered in Victorian-style wallpaper, and the truck’s burgundy exterior continues inside.

A reversible sofa covers part of the entryway. What I mean by the opposite is that the back cushion can be adjusted so that you can sit facing inward or outward. Underneath you will find a refrigerator box.

This unique camper van blends charming Victorian design with modern touches

Image: YouTube screenshot / Johnny’s Journey

Directly across from the sofa, you’ll notice the kitchen. The cabinet is covered with mirrored plexiglass covered with old picture frames. Furthermore, the kitchen features a wood countertop, gold sink, and matching gold ice maker.

No stovetop is built into the kitchen, so we have to assume that Bev uses a portable stove and stores it in a drawer. The nice thing about having two large doors for your truck is that you get proper ventilation, so cooking inside won’t be a problem.

When Bev needs to eat or work, she can sit on the sofa and use the onyx table, which fits perfectly into her surroundings. In fact, it used to be a table, and Bev reused it for her campervan.

The roof is probably the craziest design element you’ll find on this device. Wildlife owners usually choose wooden boards for the top, but Bev chose these plastic squares with this intricate design. Moreover, since it is made of plastic, the impact on the weight of the truck is minimal.

This unique camper van blends charming Victorian design with modern touches

Image: YouTube screenshot / Johnny’s Journey

If you can’t tell by now, Bev is really fond of incorporating tires into her camper aesthetic. For example, even a ceiling air conditioner has a frame, as well as outlets near the kitchen.

Bev also knew exactly how she wanted the bathroom door to look — made of pine, resin, tempered glass, and covered with window film. Step inside and discover a convenient space with shower and toilet.

The wardrobe is located directly across from the bathroom. It comes with two shelves, a drawer and a cabinet. You can tell Bev’s attention to fine detail, as the cabinet also features decorative corners and lion head pulls.

Finally, there is the bedroom. Just like in many other camper designs, the bed is positioned higher up, so Bev needs to step up to get into the bed. Around you will notice two Maxxair fans, some lights, and two small windows. Of course, the windows have frames as well as matching coverings.

This unique camper van blends charming Victorian design with modern touches

Image: YouTube screenshot / Johnny’s Journey

When you look at the rest of the bedroom interior, mirrors may confuse you a little. There is one on each side of the hallway, creating the impression of more space.

The area under the bed serves as a garage, and has been cleverly sectioned off to suit Bev’s needs. A Bluetti AC300 3000 W inverter occupies part of the garage. Another large compartment is for Bev’s folding e-bike, while a huge drawer underneath is extra storage space. The water system is also located in the garage behind the Velcro door – and features a 20-gallon (76 L) water tank connected to a 4-gallon (150 L) water heater.

It’s safe to say that Bev’s home is truly one of a kind. While some may consider this aesthetic a bit tacky, you can clearly tell she’s pleased with how her home has turned out. After all, this is the most important. This truck successfully blends superior expression, practicality and comfort.

Props should also be given to the builders, as they showed excellent craftsmanship. Joni explained that it took about 374 hours to build. Although we don’t have any exact information on the cost, Bev explained that the price is about the same for a typical design.

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