Top 10 crossover hatchbacks of 2023

Top 10 crossover hatchbacks of 2023

the talk Cross hatchback It became a statement in 2023: a car bought by those who didn’t want what others got.

Not quite hatchbacks, not quite luxury cars and not quite compact SUVs either, they combine elements of all three breeds within a fairly compact space and are offered at a fairly affordable price. They usually throw in a dose of the alternative method for good measure. In some circles, they’re known as coupes and SUVs, in others they’re known as fastbacks.

The growing popularity of such cars is beginning to erode their status as alternative options a bit. But for now, as long as other market segments continue to outsell it, a good crossover hatchback will remain an equally attractive option for what it is, as well as for what it does.

What they do, of course, varies slightly depending on how precisely they are defined. Within this list you will find responsible, economically biased options with hybrid engines but also performance-tuned derivatives and cars intended for off-road use. Almost all of them are C-segment size (we’re rating supermini-based compact crossovers here); Although few here need to cost more than £30,000, others can be snapped up for less than that.

For years, Cupra was Seat’s sports division, just as the R was for Volkswagen, but today it stands as an independent brand, with unique concept designs and a sporting caliber entirely more than that of the old mother ship.

The Formentor isn’t the first product of the new Cupra process (that was the 306-horsepower Cupra Ateca, introduced in 2019), but it is by far the most convincing, as it is very handsome, surprisingly wide, rounded, refined, and fun to look at. Leadership, an attractive, versatile and durable alternative. We like it very much.

The engine range is very broad, with a smaller, more economical petrol, two plug-in hybrids, and a choice of 2.0-litre turbo petrol, one of which uses the same all-wheel drive and engine setup as the new one. Volkswagen Golf R. In other markets, Cupra went so far as to use Audi’s five-cylinder RS ​​engine in the Formentor VZ5, although it was never offered for sale in the UK.

Well-priced compared to its premium brand rivals and with an attractive, rich, and well-executed interior (despite the VW Group’s much-criticized infotainment system), the Formentor sits at the top of our list of crossover hatchbacks.

Cupra Formentor 2023

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