Toyota 48V mild hybrid diesel engine: how does it work?

Toyota is very likely to offer the 2.8-litre mild-hybrid diesel engine in India with the new-generation Fortuner sometime in 2024.

There is a certain question mark over the future of diesel engines globally, and with rumors of higher taxes in markets like India, the future of oil burners looks bleak. The gap between internal combustion engines (ICE) and clean battery-powered sources has been bridged by hybrid powertrains in the past few years.

Most of these feature a gasoline engine but in Toyota’s case they have a mild hybrid system that features a diesel engine. Let’s get into the details of how Toyota’s new mild hybrid diesel engine works and how it can breathe life into the dying breed of diesel engines.

Toyota 48V Diesel Mild Hybrid: How does it work?

Recently, the Japanese automaker shared details about the workings of the new mild-hybrid diesel engine through an official video on YouTube. It consists of three main components, including a belt-driven alternator that replaces a conventional alternator, a 48-volt battery plus a DC-DC converter.

Toyota mild hybrid diesel (Photo: Toyota Global/YouTube)

Toyota points out the difference between the mild hybrid powertrain and the brand’s Hybrid System II (THS II), the latter of which includes two engine generators and a power splitter. The benefit of the mild hybrid setup is that it can be installed over existing powertrains.

The company claims that the belt-driven electric alternator is capable of delivering greater torque than conventional gear-driven engines, with Toyota claiming that the mild hybrid system allows the engine to be restarted quietly with smooth response and minimal vibration when using the stop/start function. .

Watch the video: Toyota runs on a 48-volt mild hybrid diesel engine

Furthermore, the electric motor provides torque assistance when needed, and regenerative braking restores energy to the battery, helping to operate auxiliary systems such as steering, pumps and propellers. More importantly, Toyota claims a 10% improvement in fuel economy over the current 2.8-litre diesel engine.

The system is said to have been developed keeping in mind the off-road prowess of Toyota SUVs. Power output will remain unchanged at 201 PS and 500 Nm of peak torque. The strategic placement of the mild hybrid system results in a wading depth of up to 700 mm in models such as the Hilux and Land Cruiser Prado.

Land Cruiser J250 (Prado) (left) and Land Cruiser 70 (right)

Toyota 48V Diesel Mild Hybrid: Is it expected to be launched in India?

This new mild-hybrid technology recently debuted in the new generation Land Cruiser Prado, which is scheduled to go on sale in North American markets in the next two months. It will debut in South Africa and Australia next year with the new generation Hilux. While Toyota hasn’t mentioned anything about the Indian market, this new 2.8-litre mild-hybrid is likely to make its debut with the new-generation Fortuner sometime in 2024.

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