Toyota Corolla Pickup Claims CGI Piece of Unibody Workhorse Pie

Many companies have tapped into the unibody pickup segment in a never-ending chase to expand their offerings. These vehicles are smaller, less expensive alternatives to true trucks with open bed designs, and due to their construction, they are not as versatile once the comfort of asphalt is over.

But that no longer matters to most buyers, as off-roading is more of a hobby these days than part of the job. Therefore, models such as the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick are thriving. If all goes according to the rumored plan, they could face competition from Toyota, which appears to be interested in launching a Corolla pickup.

Obviously its name is uncertain, and we don’t even know whether they will base it on a passenger car or a Corolla Cross, although the latter would be a more viable alternative. It is expected to be produced after 2027, and if that turns out to be true, the next generation Corolla will follow, expected in 2025. Production could take place at the Mississippi facility, next to the popular low-slung model.

Underpinning vehicles like the Corolla, Corolla Cross, C-HR, Prius, Lexus UX and many more, the TNGA-C build could be the cornerstone of the rumored Corolla pickup. Highly versatile, the platform supports multiple powertrain configurations, and given rumors of this car arriving at the end of the decade, it may launch with partially electrified lineups. It’s likely that all-wheel drive will grace the upper grades, while lower versions may have to make do with front-wheel drive.

Financially, launching a pickup version of the Corolla (crossover) might be a wise decision. Toyota has the tools and know-how to make that happen, and if it happens, it will sit below the Tacoma in the company’s U.S. lineup. A target amount of less than $25,000 (today) would be ideal, considering its big brother has an MSRP of $28,600. The larger Tundra starts at $39,965. Hyundai’s Santa Cruz starts at $26,650, and the Ford Maverick starts at $23,400.

Since the report that Toyota might be eyeing a Corolla pickup came out over a month ago, there have been several unofficial attempts to imagine what it might look like. Featuring a few updates here and there, as well as a redesigned rear end with vertical taillights and a tailgate that opens to a large bed, the latest comes from the Colissa and builds on the Corolla Cross. Their proposal is certainly interesting, and seems poised to do battle with Maverick and Santa Cruz.

But would it be wise to launch a unibody pickup with compact dimensions, or should Toyota stick with the Tacoma and Tundra and perhaps focus more on traditional passenger cars in our market?

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