Toyota Crown Signia 2025: A semi-luxury mid-size SUV

Toyota Crown Signia 2025: A semi-luxury mid-size SUV

Toyota last night unveiled an all-new two-row midsize SUV with a hybrid drivetrain, standard all-wheel drive (AWD) and a name that links the company’s future to its history. Get to know the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia.

Toyota says the Signia name is “based on the term Insignia” in case you’re interested.

Toyota Crown Signia 2025 seen from above

Wait, isn’t there already a Toyota Crown?

Americans have become accustomed to the Toyota Crown since the company introduced a high-riding sedan under that name last year. But Japan defines the crown as a complete set of cars. In Japan, the crown name adorns two sedans and two SUVs.

And in the US, it will soon appear on one of each.

The Crown is a large sedan with the ride height of an SUV. The 2025 Toyota Crown Signia will be all-wheel drive.

Toyota says the Crown Signia will arrive at dealerships in 2024, but the company hasn’t offered any hints about pricing.

The 2025 Toyota Crown Signia can be seen from the rear quarter angle

Refreshing and not boxy that pretends to be off-road

Size-wise, it’s a two-row midsize crossover. More family-oriented than Toyota’s other midsize SUV, the rugged 4Runner, the Crown Signia wears the same nose as the 2025 Toyota Camry it debuted alongside.

In a year when most SUV designs rely on box and power, it’s sleek and elegant – starting with the A-pillar, it’s almost the offspring of the Lexus RX and Porsche Cayenne. As if you’re leaning into that luxury a bit, Toyota will sell only two trim levels – XLE and Limited, each of which is well-equipped enough to steal a few pages from its luxury car guide.

This semi-luxury theme continues inside.

The interior of the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia

Luxurious interior design for a car bearing the Toyota badge

Inside, a high transmission tunnel cradles the front passengers in separate tubs.

The Crown Signia’s cabin features more upholstery — leather on the Limited and SofTex synthetic leather on the XLE — than most mainstream cars. Both front seat passengers get 8-way power adjustments. Toyota says the rear seats resemble a lounge, though it’s still a bench rather than buckets.

The dashboard appears to wrap around the front passenger seat thanks to a leather bracket without a twin for the driver. “Elegant finishing touches such as bronze trim and color-matched soft-touch panels on the doors” continue the almost Lexus theme.

A 12.3-inch display faces the driver, with a matching touchscreen in the center to manage the entertainment and climate functions. The available subscription service adds voice commands, but Toyota did not disclose pricing. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

The cargo area of ​​the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia

Standard hybrid, all-wheel drive

Mechanically, the Signia rides on the same platform as the Toyota Sienna, Camry and Highlander, so it should be a quiet car on highways and not intended for true off-roading. But AWD is standard, and every Crown Signia is a hybrid.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric generators, good for 243 horsepower and a “manufacturer-estimated initial rating of 36 mpg combined.”

A separate rear-mounted electric motor powers the rear wheels. Toyota says the all-wheel drive system can send up to 80 percent of its power to the rear, “which helps prevent front wheel spin during off-line starts.” In normal driving, 100% of the power goes to the front wheels.

Partial automation includes Toyota’s Traffic Jam Assist system, which can handle some driving duties at speeds below 25 mph to relieve driving fatigue under limited conditions.

It could be the second of many

It seems odd for Toyota to add another SUV to its lineup, given that the brand already sells one in almost every market segment and two in several. But before the Crown Signia arrived, Toyota lacked a two-row midsize vehicle other than the powerful and aging 4Runner.

In 2023, most SUV designers are turning to power in their products, and even the family favorite Honda Pilot has developed an image as a powerful off-roader. This creates the opportunity for a soft, luxurious, plush family car with the crossover ride height and true SUV storage space.

In fact, it may not look anything like a Toyota Crown sedan. This makes it seem like it will cannibalize sales. But Toyota has long successfully sold the entire range of Crown cars in Japan. The same approach might work here as a subset of Toyota’s near-luxury Lexus.

If the Crown Signia is a success, look for a smaller Crown Sport model in a year or two.

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