Toyota FT-3e concept gives a glimpse of the next generation bZ4X

Toyota FT-3e concept gives a glimpse of the next generation bZ4X

  • In addition to the eye-catching FT-Se concept sports car, Toyota revealed this future SUV, which is called the FT-3e concept.
  • The FT-3e looks like an evolution of Toyota’s bZ4X crossover, with a similar stance, sloping roofline, and two-piece rear spoiler.
  • The interior is modern and airy, with a plethora of screens positioned around the driver.

Toyota’s first dedicated electric car, the bZ4X crossover, has been a failure so far. After a recall and discontinuation of the sale of wheels that could fall off hampered the initial launch, Toyota reintroduced the bZ4X earlier this year. However, a dismal real-world driving range meant sales remained low, with just 6,486 units sold during September. But Toyota is hard at work on solid-state batteries that promise improved range and charging times, and the FT-3e concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show offers a glimpse of what a successor to the bZ4X could look like.

FT-3e concept revealed

Toyota did not reveal many details about the FT-3e, but described the concept as a “next generation” electric car that will feature “personalized services supported by innovative technologies.” One such nod to the future is the digital displays on each side of the car, which extend along the doors and curve up to meet the beltline. Toyota says these external displays will display relevant information as the driver walks toward the FT-3e, such as battery charge levels, on-board temperature, and interior air quality.

Toyota FT3E concept


The concept’s overall proportions are reminiscent of the bZ4X, with its squat stance and wheels pushed toward the outer corners of the car. The features are sharp, with thin light bands running across the front and rear of the car and pronounced creases on the front fascia creating an expressive face. The roofline slopes dramatically at the rear and has a similar two-piece spoiler as the bZ4X.

Inside the FT-3e

The FT-3e’s interior is full of straight lines, with the central touchscreen and digital instrument panel complemented by a pair of iPhone-like displays on either side of the steering wheel. There are also two screens on the outer edges of the dashboard, which appear to be screens to replace the side cameras. Almost all physical controls seem to have been avoided. The overall aura is airy and light and features a modern mix of interesting materials and textures.

Toyota FT3E concept


With so few details, it’s hard to say exactly what the FT-3e will mean for future Toyota vehicles. But we think it likely showcases the design direction for Toyota’s next iteration of electric vehicles, which should arrive before the end of the decade with new solid-state batteries. Ideas like exterior displays or interior screen layout could certainly end up in a production car.

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