Toyota is developing a bZ subcompact electric crossover with… Suzuki?

Toyota is developing a bZ subcompact electric crossover with… Suzuki?

The smallest electric car in the Toyota range, “Beyond Zero” or bZ, is under development. The bZ small electric crossover is reportedly being prepared in collaboration with Suzuki.

Toyota is finally waking up as the auto industry increasingly transitions to electric vehicles. Over the past few months, Toyota has unveiled a series of innovations to help it catch up with electric vehicle leaders Tesla and BYD.

At a technical workshop in June, Toyota highlighted next-generation electric vehicle batteries, improved design methods and manufacturing upgrades as it seeks to boost efficiency.

Toyota plans to launch new electric models with a range of approximately 500 miles (800 kilometers) using advanced batteries in 2026. Last month, Toyota showed off its future electric vehicle production line, including Giga casting technology, self-propelled assembly lines, and robots that transport Final compounds. .

After accelerating its plans, Toyota aims to produce 600,000 electric cars in 2025, three times the expected production in 2024 of 190,000 cars.

By 2026, Toyota is looking to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles with ten new electric models, including small cars, SUVs, crossovers, luxury and commercial vehicles. With just 0.26% of Toyota and Lexus sales being fully electric last year, the automaker has a major shift ahead.

Toyota - a small electric crossover
Toyota bZ compact SUV concept (Source: Toyota)

We got our first look at Toyota’s new compact electric SUV last month in a teaser video posted on social media. Now, we’re learning more about a separate, smaller model.

Toyota is developing a small electric crossover with Suzuki

According to the Japanese news site The best carToyota’s small electric crossover will be developed in partnership with Suzuki.

Toyota - a small electric crossover
Toyota bZ mini electric crossover (Source: Toyota)

Although Suzuki is by no means known as a leader in electric vehicles, the company has a knack for building small cars.

Earlier this year, Suzuki unveiled its first global electric vehicle concept, the eVX. It will showcase the concept at the Japan Mobility Show alongside the eWX wagon EV subcompact later this month.

Last year, Toyota and Suzuki deepened their partnership to develop compact electric vehicles.

Toyota-Suzuki-electric truck
Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu electric trucks (Source: Toyota)

In May, we got our first look at a new commercial electric minivan jointly developed by Suzuki and Toyota. The two companies have collaborated to develop a new EV platform for a series of electric pickup trucks that will be on display at the Japan Motor Show starting October 26.

According to the new report, Toyota’s small electric crossover will ride on the e-TNGA platform, the same platform used in the bZ4X electric SUV. It is expected to be launched in 2025.

Toyota EV plans
Toyota and Lexus electric concepts (Source: Toyota)

The bZ small crossover was debuted during a briefing in December 2021 alongside 15 other electric vehicle models, including a pickup, a sedan, an electric sport utility vehicle, a compact cruiser, a large SUV, and several Lexus concepts. And other Toyota.

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