Toyota Prius returns to the UK – News in the automotive industry |

Toyota Prius returns to the UK – News in the automotive industry |

After being rolled off the production line in the UK for a while for the Toyota Prius, Toyota is now developing this PHEV model into its fifth generation and is expected to return to the market again for the next generation.

Toyota Prius returns to the UK

When Toyota, a Japanese car brand, launched the fifth generation Toyota Prius with great looks and performance of the car. Of course, after the car’s launch, Prius fans in the UK were disappointed. And disappointed because they couldn’t buy it. However, now they are starting to feel hopeful.

Toyota Prius Gen 5

It was removed from the product range marketed in England last year, as was the Toyota Prius, but is still available in Europe. Because after surveying the England market for SUVs and crossovers it is not the target group of people in this country. Therefore, it was decided to remove this group of products from the end of 2022.

Toyota Prius fifth generation (2)

Toyota Prius fifth generation (3)

Nowadays, the demand for hybrid energy vehicles is increasing. As a result, Japanese carmakers have begun to rekindle their interest in bringing the Toyota Prius back to the UK market, leaving fans of the model eagerly waiting to try out the hybrid, a fuel-efficient car with a sleeker style.

Toyota Prius fifth generation (4)

Toyota Prius fifth generation (5)

Transportation and driving system

The fifth generation Toyota Prius is available as a plug-in hybrid and as a regular hybrid. It combines a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a front-mounted electric motor, producing 220 horsepower (164 kW / 223 hp), and there is a battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh. It can run on electricity only for a range of 53 miles or about 85 kilometers according to WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) standards.

Toyota Prius fifth generation (6)

Toyota Prius fifth generation (7)

Toyota Prius fifth generation (8)

For 5G development, there is improved technology from the previous generation. Of course, this new Toyota Prius is also more expensive. Its price will start at 45,290 euros, or approximately 1,681,925 baht (at the current exchange rate), which is not considered cheap for a car in this category, and what is more, Toyota has a strong policy to stimulate sales. And expand the production line for more hybrid cars in the future as well. Makes me wonder whether or not there might be some quotas coming to Thailand…

Toyota Prius fifth generation (9)

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