Toyota showcases small electric cars with this duo of models for Europe

Toyota showcases small electric cars with this duo of models for Europe

  • Toyota is bringing two small electric vehicle concepts to the auto industry’s annual Kinshiki Forum in Brussels, showcasing the electric models it intends to launch before 2026.
  • The Urban SUV concept, sitting below the bZ4X size, showcases an electric four-door model with Toyota’s latest angular exterior design.
  • The Sport Crossover concept is a four-door sedan, first revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year, and is set to be produced through Toyota’s joint venture with BYD in China.

Perhaps sensing some nervousness from its European dealers, Toyota brought two electric concepts to Belgium this week, previewing the duo that could join the automaker’s lineup in the crucial and still-growing electric vehicle market.

The first concept, dubbed the Urban SUV, imagines a boxy but compact four-door model, dressed in the same angular exterior styling we’ve seen from the automaker in the past couple of years.

White car parked

The Urban SUV concept is actually quite small, and shorter in length than the last-generation Ford Focus hatchback. But it could be just the right size for European EV shoppers.


It’s hard to get an idea of ​​the size of the SUV in these photos, but it’s not big. The concept measured just 169.3 inches from nose to rear, making it three inches shorter than the last-generation Ford Focus compact hatchback.

One interesting detail is that the Urban SUV concept, in production form, is expected to be the “most compact and accessible” model Toyota plans to launch in Europe, meaning there won’t be anything smaller planned for that market in the near term. . This could rule out a European debut for the Corolla-sized bZ3 sedan, after it debuted in China last year.

The automaker promises front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive designs for the production version of the Urban SUV, as well as a choice of two battery packs. But it remains to be seen how much range these two batteries can provide, and how affordable their price is.

The Urban SUV and Sport Crossover concepts are part of Toyota’s plan to have six electric vehicles in Europe by 2026.

We expect such a model to start at less than €35,000, making it competitive with other pocket-sized electric crossovers making their way through automakers’ pipelines.

It certainly helps that there aren’t many competitors in this segment at the moment in Europe, but that will change soon.

The second concept Toyota introduced this week showcases something a little less easy to categorize, but more in line with its latest trends.

Silver car on gray roof

The Sport Crossover concept showcases a sports sedan of sorts, with a fairly generous ride height, and is intended to be positioned above the bZ3 in Toyota’s lineup.


The Sport Crossover concept is a four-door hatchback sedan of sorts, with ample ground clearance that gives it a taller ride height. If you’re instantly reminded of the exotic Crown sedan, this model certainly looks like an inspiration. Toyota seems keen to explore this niche, dusting off the Sport Utility Sedan (SUS) segment in the process.

Both concepts were unveiled at the automaker’s annual Kinshiki Forum in Brussels, where Toyota aims to produce the Urban SUV next year.

Meanwhile, the Sport Crossover concept made its European debut after being unveiled earlier this year at the Shanghai Motor Show. The model was developed with the European and Chinese markets in mind, and is slated to be built by a joint venture dubbed BYD Toyota EV Technology Co. Ltd. In China.

The concept sedan, which will likely get the bZ nameplate, will join the smaller bZ3 electric sedan currently on sale in China, giving the Middle Kingdom’s home market two battery-powered sedans in a fairly short period of time.

The Urban SUV and Sport Crossover concepts, as presented in Brussels, are part of Toyota’s plan to launch six new electric vehicles in Europe by 2026 – plans that are now rapidly approaching delivery time.

Should Toyota offer a small electric crossover that sits below the bZ4X in the US? Or is such a model not needed here at the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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