Toyota Sport Crossover confirmed for Europe

Toyota Sport Crossover confirmed for Europe

Its sleek electric tailgater is being developed in conjunction with BYD for a European launch by 2025, likely to be badged as the Toyota bZ5C.

Production version of Toyota The Sport Crossover concept has been confirmed for release in Europe in 2025 as one of six Toyota EVs scheduled to go on sale there by 2026, following its launch Making its public debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show in April.

The upcoming electric vehicle, formerly known as the Toyota bZ Sport Crossover, has been developed primarily for the Chinese and European markets by the BYD Toyota EV Technology joint venture, and will target younger Gen Z buyers looking for a little more sex appeal in their new EV. With them.

Its “sleek, streamlined silhouette and distinctive fastback lines” position it as a rival to the Polestar 2 and Kia EV6, and since it’s still pitched as an SUV, we have no idea what its mechanical makeup is or how it compares to those out there. Electric vehicles.

The same goes for what will be called the ‘flagship design’, although the smart money is on the bZ5C nameplate – which happens to be awaiting trademark approval locally – as it looks to be at least as large as the bZ4X and more. Cross coupe.

“It will provide an attractive proposition for first-time electric vehicle customers and a stylish alternative to SUVs,” Toyota said.

“It offers maximum comfort with the practicality of five doors, a large trunk and ample rear legroom.”

Chinese development and production should ensure a relatively low asking price compared to some of its European rivals, but it remains to be seen whether the Sport Crossover represents better value than the popular Chinese Polestar 2 or the Korean-made EV6.

The car’s European debut came alongside the 2024 Toyota Urban SUV concept, which will serve as an entry point for Toyota Europe’s electric portfolio and provide consumers with an electric alternative to the Yaris Cross.

The production Sport Crossover derivative will likely be one of the last Toyota EVs launched without solid-state batteries, given that European brand president Andrea Carlucci expects “2027-2028” to be the launch timing for the game-changing EV hardware.

“We have achieved a technological breakthrough that has overcome the long-standing challenge of solid-state battery durability,” he said.

“A method for mass production is currently being developed and we are striving for commercialization in 2027-2028 with a production capacity of tens of thousands of vehicles.”

The lead-up to the launch of solid-state batteries will be paved by a series of other electric vehicle developments from Toyota, which said the new battery technology will provide twice the driving range of an electric vehicle. Current hardware in bZ4XIn addition to reducing the cost by 20%.

This will in turn be followed by a lithium-ion phosphate unit which is expected to add another 20 per cent to the bZ4X range, while reducing costs by 40 per cent.

“The third battery to be introduced will be Focus on high performance Using bipolar and high nickel cathode techniques. Toyota said lower costs and extended driving range are expected.

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