Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept, the pickup truck shows all its sporty character

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept, the pickup truck shows all its sporty character

During the SEMA Exhibition 2023 Las vigas, Toyota foot Novo Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept, a completely revamped pickup that focuses on on-road performance, not off-road. This concept car is the result of an intense brainstorming session between Toyota’s engineering team and the design team at Calti Design Studio.

Evolution for Novo Tacoma X-Runner Concept Consumer enthusiasm for the product launch was also driven Toyota Tacoma 2024 It happened in May. The Japanese automaker’s R&D and design team was excited to demonstrate the possibilities offered by the new TGNA-F platform.

the engine

The pickup concept is equipped with a modified version of i-Force V6 biturbo da 3.4 liter engineable to deliver 427 horsepower and 649 Nm of maximum torque. The powertrain is paired with a Tundra solid axle with a 4.30:1 final drive ratio and an electronic limited-slip differential that distributes torque to the rear wheels. The side exhaust system is located just below the door sill.

To support chassis and engine modifications, the overall track width has been increased by more than 8 cm The structure has been reinforced. When it came to the design, the team wanted to maintain the design language of the original Toyota Tacoma, including the use of interlocking shapes and flowing shapes at its center. DNA “etched liquid”.

the design

The aggressive front end is complemented by Vari LED XB Tacoma With X-Runner Laser Ablation Lenses. The front and side bodywork features custom aerodynamic wings with functional vents that cool the car Tundra front brakes with 350 mm discswhich provides greater thermal capacity.

The vent on the hood was specially designed to draw cool air into the engine bay while the rear was kept deliberately simple with smoked headlights.

To have a suitable road structure and show more flexibility Tegna-F platformThe team used the Tundra’s air suspension to achieve the lowest possible ride height while maintaining payload capacity.

At the front end, the upper and lower arms have been lengthened to match the Tundra’s suspension geometry. The lower arm was customized with the low-slung nature of the car in mind.

The lengths of the rear upper and lower arms were also increased to match the Tundra’s rear axle housing, driveshafts and bearings, matching the width and strength of the front side.

To further improve the impressive new Tacoma’s on-road dynamics, the springs have been stiffened, improving performance through a combination of… 6cm Bilstein aluminum shock absorbers Fuel tanks are located at each corner to help the driver take advantage of the 427 horsepower.

The wheel arches are filled The 21-incher lacks the corporate carbon fiber wheels With Michelin sports tires 285/45R21. Most of the bodywork was painted in the original color Blue motorcycle racing As a nod to the first X-Runner, this distinctive shade debuted at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show.

Matte black on the hood, A-pillars and roof evokes TRD Pro design, while red accents following the lines of the hood, air vents and wheel hubs indicate this is a high-performance road car.

Finally, inside, Toyota Tacoma X-Runner concept It maintains the Tacoma’s ambiance while blending seamlessly with its fresh, performance-oriented aesthetic, with the addition of steering wheel paddles and custom X-Runner inserts.

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