Toyota U-turn is bringing the hot new Prius to the UK

Toyota U-turn is bringing the hot new Prius to the UK

Toyota has made a U-turn and confirmed that the fifth generation Prius will be coming to the UK after all.

The Prius Mk5 was unveiled in late 2022 and was launched in other global markets this spring. It was not originally – surprisingly – intended for sale on British soil, but now Toyota has changed its position.

Pricing and specifications for the hybrid have not yet been confirmed, but given its position in other markets, it is likely to cost more than the Corolla hatchback, which currently starts from £30,225 in the UK.

Sales were cannibalized by other Toyota hybrids

It was a bold decision not to bring the car here in the first place, but the Prius’s success as one of the world’s first available hybrids has been threatened by newer, more diverse models from within Toyota’s own range.

In terms of retail customers, both the C-HR crossover and the Corolla – itself revived in 2019, after two generations and 13 years of Toyota’s C-segment sales under the Auris nameplate – have encroached on the Prius, as both are heavily used Hybrid technology that was once the Prius’s USP.

While many private rental companies favored the Prius for its combination of low operating costs, efficiency and useful cabin space, in recent years, it has been the Corolla that has taken over the fleet mantle.

Toyota Prius

However, Toyota UK clearly believes there is enough demand for the Prius to return to showrooms across the country.

Its strength will be in its appearance – previous generations were not visually inspiring but the new car is undoubtedly beautiful.

Stunning looks and two hybrid power options

The Prius has a sleek, almost coupe-like shape, with soft front detailing and a dramatic cam tail – a straight back.

Inside, there’s also a bold dashboard design, with a central touchscreen accompanied by a tall 7-inch digital instrument cluster located almost in the driver’s eyeline, just above the steering wheel. As with some of the exterior design, this is inspired by the oddly named Toyota bZ4X.

Toyota Prius

In other markets, Toyota offers the Prius with 1.8- and 2-liter hybrid engines, providing 138 or 196 horsepower.

There’s also a hybrid model with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and greater electric driving range, as well as a combined 220 horsepower, though it’s not yet clear which of these Prius variants will make the cut. United kingdom.

The question is whether a dedicated hybrid model, like the Prius, will be relevant in an era when more car buyers are going all-electric.

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