Toyota unveils the Tacoma X-Runner concept at the 2023 SEMA Show

Toyota unveils the Tacoma X-Runner concept at the 2023 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is one of the largest and most famous car shows in the world. Among the many impressive and impressive offerings, Toyota USA unveiled the Tacoma

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Photo: Toyota

“On the heels of the Tacoma launch, we wanted to showcase the diverse possibilities of the new truck architecture. The TGNA-F platform allows us to efficiently build something great in a fraction of the development time it would normally take. “A project like this is why you get into the auto industry,” – Sheldon Brown, chief engineer, Toyota Motor Corporation of North America

Based on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, this Hot Wheels-Esque concept car harks back to a time when four-wheel-drive buggies designed for robot-to-robot racing were a common sight in the United States. The concept aims not only to win the hearts of aging petrol enthusiasts, but also to showcase the flexibility and potential of Toyota’s TNGA-F platform. Beneath the ‘liquid sculpted’ exterior is a modified 3.4-litre twin-turbo V6 delivering 314kW and 650Nm to the dual cab rear wheels, reported through a dedicated side exit exhaust. Additionally, the modified Tacoma features a Toyota Tundra solid axle and an electronic differential lock.

Photo: Toyota

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On a noticeably wider scale, Toyota massaged the Speedway Blue Tacoma tire to provide a 3-inch increase in track width and improve said tire strength. Interestingly, this concept is based on the Tundra’s air suspension. Toyota lengthened the front upper and lower control arms to accommodate Tundra-sourced components. As with the front axle components, the rear upper and lower control arms have been lengthened to mate with the rear axle housing. Along with the air suspension, the Tacoma concept rides on stiffer coil springs and 2.5-inch Bilstein aluminum shocks with custom valves placed behind a pair of 21-inch carbon fiber wheels and 285/45R21 Michelin tires.

“The new X-Runner concept shows that the TRD is about performance, and going fast… It shows the scope of the platform and what we can do if we take the Tacoma beyond its off-road and everyday capabilities, critique it, and give it a chance for ‘a little street cred.’” – Mike Tripp, Vice President, Toyota Marketing Group

Tacoma XRunner
Photo: Toyota

Aggressive styling comes through in the form of a redesigned front fascia featuring elements such as XB LED projector headlights and a functional hood scoop, while the spoiler showcases custom aerodynamic garnish. The interior remains unchanged compared to the 2024 Tacoma on which the X-Runner is based.

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