Toyota Venza is leaving after 2024 to make way for the Crown Signia SUV

Toyota Venza is leaving after 2024 to make way for the Crown Signia SUV

  • Toyota will stop producing the Venza after 2024.
  • Its departure will make room for the mid-size 2025 Toyota Crown Signia.
  • The two are quite similar on paper, although the Signia beefs up its offerings a bit.

The Toyota Venza was initially a semi-wagon, half-crossover. After that, it was reborn as a hybrid-only SUV known in other markets as the Harrier, which is an objectively cool name. Now, he will only exist in the faint whispers of days gone by, as a new mid-sized hybrid king rises to take the crown.

Along with the debut of the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia plug-in hybrid, all-wheel drive, Toyota has confirmed that the Venza will be discontinued after 2024. The two cars occupy roughly the same segment of an already thin mid-size segment, so there can only be one. It’s kind of like Highlander– the movie, not the larger Toyota SUV but the mid-sized one.

The Venza’s motivation comes from a three-motor hybrid system that produces a net power of 219 horsepower. That was enough, though mostly enough, to get the smaller Venza. But the Crown Signia ramps things up; Its three-motor hybrid output reaches 243 horsepower. The Venza was never given a towing rating, so people with stuff to haul will likely appreciate the fact that the Crown Signia is rated to tow up to 2,700 pounds, though it still relies on a continuously variable transmission.

Although billed as a midsize car, the subcompact Venza shares a roughly 105.9-inch wheelbase with the RAV4 Hybrid, and we found its cabin relatively compact in practice. Fortunately, while we don’t have official measurements yet, the Crown Signia’s interior feels roomier than what it replaces. As cool as it was, the Venza’s trick electromagnetic roof — which can change its opacity with the push of a button — won’t be returning; The top Limited Crown Signia features a regular glass roof instead.

Of course, with this growth in footprint and production will likely come an increase in prices. The 2024 Venza starts at around $36,315 and tops out at around $46,000. The Crown sedan is even more expensive, so it makes sense that its new, larger SUV sibling would be even more expensive.

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