Toyota wants its crossover sports concept with Chinese genes to be your first electric car

Toyota wants its crossover sports concept with Chinese genes to be your first electric car

There is no longer any doubt that electric cars are here to stay. As you all know, they will survive not only because automakers have invested their fortunes in them and don’t want to lose money, but also because government actors are actively encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, including by enforcing bans on ICE vehicles from places not too far away in the US. future.

What this means is that sooner or later we will all have to switch to electricity. Some of us cannot wait, others are indifferent, and perhaps there are a few who, for various reasons, dread this moment.

Like it or not, we will all reach that point, where EVs seem to have become as inevitable as death and taxes. So the only two questions left are when you’ll make the switch, and which car will be your first Eve?

While the answer to the first question depends on a variety of factors, including some that are beyond our control, and cannot be truly objective, the answer to the second question is much simpler: it all boils down to the best offer on the site. Market for your specific needs.

If you live in Europe, a Toyota Sport Crossover could be your first electric car. In fact, that’s exactly why the Japanese company created it to be “An attractive offer for first-time electric vehicle customers.”

The concept is one of many Toyota unveiled on Monday, December 4 in Brussels, Belgium, during its event called the Kinshiki Forum. Apart from urban SUVs We discussed a little earlier, it is also the most attractive.

The Urban SUV is one of six fully electric vehicles that Toyota plans to launch on the Old Continent in the first six months of 2024, and it is as impressive as the Opel Mokka in terms of design. It’s also the cheapest of the group of six (it’s not clear at this stage exactly what that means), which makes it not exactly amazing.

But the Sport Crossover is a completely different story. Scheduled to hit the market in production form in 2025, it’s a nice mix between a fastback and a sports car, and it’s big enough to appeal to SUV fans without actually being an SUV.

It should become a sport “A design icon for the company’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) range” Once he gets here. It is a five-door by design, and should have more than enough interior roof space for passengers and a trunk large enough to accommodate plenty of cargo.

If the concept sounds familiar because it’s been shown before, during the Shanghai Auto Show this spring. The place was chosen at that time for the official display of the model because, like it or not, China had a hand in making this thing.

The concept is the result of Toyota working with Chinese automaker BYD on its design, or more precisely the result of work conducted by the joint venture between the two companies, known as BYD Toyota EV Technology.

No details were provided on how the production version of the car will shape up for the European market from a performance standpoint.

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