Toyota’s new FT-3e battery-powered crossover looks much better and more modern than the bZ4X

Toyota’s new FT-3e battery-powered crossover looks much better and more modern than the bZ4X

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association is organizing the 2023 Japan Mobility Show as a successor to the iconic Tokyo Motor Show, which would have celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2024 had it not been retired this year.
Toyota FT-3e official at the Japanese Mobility Show
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However, there is a saying: Out with the old and in with the new. It is clear that JAMA is trying to erase its legacy TMS And crafting a new vision for JMS – even though it’s a lot of the same. This means one thing: concepts. And lots of them – from all over. As always, Toyota is of course one of the most productive companies.

The Japanese group allowed Lexus to express its opinion Beef Seeing through the new LF-ZC and LF-ZL concepts – sedan and minivan crossover SUVs But let’s be honest: the spotlight is mainly on Toyota’s namesake brand. With days to go before press days (October 25 and 26, followed by a special invitation day and general access from October 28 to November 5), the company has begun producing one teaser and concept preview after another.

Of course, the most important ones are easy to remember – even if they’re not easy to spell or pronounce. We have the IMV 0 modular van and commercial van concept, the battery-powered Land Cruiser Se, and also the EPU electric pickup truck, a potential foe for the Ford Maverick in the compact unibody segment. Of course, let’s not forget the FT-3e and FT-Se models that were used to launch the teaser campaign for the inaugural edition of the Japanese Mobility Expo.

And now they are both officially ready to take a stand on the Toyota Expo theme – “Let’s Change the Future of Automotive – Find Your Future.” The FT-Se sports car is very easy to explain – it is a two-seater electric car with the GR branding and a new interior design concept. It clearly fuels the imagination and heart’s desire to see a spiritual successor to the beloved MR2.

Meanwhile, the FT-3e, aside from the technological splendor of its external displays, is probably what the bZ4X should have been in the first place. If you ask us, although the FT-3e is only marginally better, it’s also easier to pronounce and spell than the bZ4X! Anyway, this exciting electric crossover is the “next generation of battery electric vehicles” with a “new driving experience based on innovative technology and personalized services.” For example, external displays provide information to the approaching driver, such as air quality, temperature and remaining battery power.

The exterior design resembles an SUV coupe, a shape that has become very fashionable these days. Of course, since it’s just a prototype, the technical specifications remain shrouded in mystery – although it’s safe to say that it shares key components with the FT-3e, and probably has the same software update capabilities as the sports car. Cool, isn’t it?

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