TRUE linkswear launches the Dead Golfer LUX Hybrid – GolfWRX golf shoe

TRUE linkswear launches the Dead Golfer LUX Hybrid – GolfWRX golf shoe

Anytime I have the opportunity to test out a new pair of kicks, I turn to a process and method that has stood the test of time: a round of school, followed by a round of town, followed by a round of golf. When TRUE Linkwear made the Dead Golfer LUX Hybrid available, I had to get it. As a Spanish teacher in my other life, Day of the Dead It’s a big cultural item during my fall courses, and now I can wear it on my feet? you betcha!

There are four or five items in the LUX Hybrid that I want to highlight. They caught my attention before they even wore their inaugural shoe in size 10S. The two-piece sole features an attractive translucent layer as the ground contact layer. The surface has ridges towards the heel and toe and along your big toe. The rest has proper molded cleats, which promise to stay put between the slickest and most slippery conditions.

The second element is the sole pad that connects the bottom of the shoe to the upper of the shoe. There’s nothing flimsy about it, neither in appearance nor function. The cushion is thick towards the heel and gradually thins as you move towards the toe. All the steps I took on the roads and school hallways didn’t stop my feet from feeling great. Kudos to the engineers who came up with this feature.

The upper of the shoe provides the third and fourth elements of your attention. There is a rigid bar that wraps around the heel, which is the first step towards ensuring maximum heel stability in the Dead Golfer LUX Hybrid. The heel of the left shoe has the words Married to the game Tagged, while the right one reads ‘Til death do us part. It’s just the right touch for a little whimsy and whimsy. The top of the heel capsule rises high, ensuring that the tendon transition has adequate support.

Finally, the shoe looks like a mesh upper, but is actually a two-layer upper. The mist allows the shoe to breathe, while the underlayer ensures no dew and little moisture seeps into your socks. Overall, it’s the kind of shoe I’ll wear until it breaks in. Don’t expect another shoe review from me for a while!

As if shoes weren’t enough for you to make your own statement, there’s a line of clothing to accompany it. Hoodies with the above logo Married to the Game, Till Death Do Us Part Frame the dead golfer standing at the top of the swing ornament on the back, while a simple silhouette of the ogre golfer adorns the upper right of the front. A simple black hat is also available for purchase.

To recap, these were the testing conditions for TRUE Linkswear LUX Hybrid, as only this writer can impress:

  • Two days from 8am to 4pm teaching, jumping on desks, and touring camps;
  • Two days of photography on a stunning golf course in Winston-Salem, North Carolina;
  • One day of walking around campus during Homecoming 2023;
  • Practice swings at a local practice facility.
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