Trump criticizes electric cars but stays away from Tesla

Former President Trump was in a panic about electric cars and how bad they were for the American auto industry.

The problem with his argument is that it avoids any mention of Tesla — the proverbial elephant in the room, and the biggest positive factor for the American auto industry today.

Tesla overcame impossible odds to build a car company (in the midst of the 2008 Great Recession) that now challenges the Big Three — let alone China.

Tesla could be on its way to becoming the world’s largest automaker by 2030. As a reminder, Tesla is an American car company. It is probably the most American automaker today because it makes vehicles with the highest content of American parts of any American automaker.

Tesla recently (2021) finished building a massive factory in Austin, Texas — not Mexico — that uses new manufacturing techniques using giant die-casting machines. And by the way, the factory employs thousands of Americans.

This factory is set to build a very American car. Cybertruck. It has all the hallmarks of traditional American muscle design: big, bold, brash — and fast.

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