Update: A cyclist was seriously injured by a dump truck driver in downtown Brooklyn

Update: A cyclist was seriously injured by a dump truck driver in downtown Brooklyn

A person on a motorcycle was seriously injured by the driver of a massive dump truck at one of Brooklyn’s busiest intersections this afternoon.

Cops said the truck driver, 52, hit a 29-year-old cargo biker and her 54-year-old passenger at 3:06pm at the intersection of Tillary and Adams streets – a place where thousands of cyclists are parked every day. Entering and exiting the Brooklyn Bridge bike path. The victim, the passenger, suffered head trauma and was taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition, police said.

The truck driver was westbound on Tillary Street and the bicyclist was heading east just west of the Adams Street intersection and was preparing to turn left β€” possibly into the bike lane just before entering the bridge bike lane β€” or onto Adams Squibb Street, Radley Osorio saw.

Osorio, the driver of another truck waiting to turn left onto Adams from westbound Tillary, saw the whole thing. He said the cyclist was heading down the hill eastbound on Tillary and noticed Osorio stopped his truck at the yellow left turn signal because the southbound Adams was congested.

β€œShe saw me stop, so she crossed the intersection,” he said. “But she never saw the truck next to me. He had the green light, but she didn’t see him and he didn’t see her.” He said the female cyclist also had a green light, but was supposed to yield to the vehicle going straight.

“There’s no way the truck driver saw it,” he said, adding that he believed the cyclist had a passenger, but the NYPD could not immediately confirm that.

The bike appears to have split in two as a result of the collision with the much heavier truck.

Image: New York City bike lanes

A plaque on the dump truck indicates it has been caught on camera three times for speeding and twice for running red lights since 2020, according to city statistics.

It is one of the scariest intersections in downtown Brooklyn for cyclists.

So far this year, 28 crashes have been reported at a single intersection, causing injuries to three cyclists, two pedestrians and 12 motorists, according to city statistics.

The slightly larger area, which includes just three blocks of Tillary Street between Flatbush Avenue and Cadman Plaza West, was the site of 87 crashes reported this year in the first 10 months of this year, injuring seven cyclists, three pedestrians and 32 motorists.

The entrance to the bridge’s bike path is always narrowed by the presence of an NYPD squad car, which officials said provides deterrence in the fight against terrorism, but ends up putting cyclists and pedestrians in the same narrow path.

This year was very bad for cyclists, with 27 dead and 4,515 injured. This means that approximately 14 cyclists are injured every day.

This story was updated at 6:15 p.m

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