Versatile truck for the pop-up world

Versatile truck for the pop-up world

To boost the bandwidth of the next generation of battery electric vehicle architecture, the Toyota Kayoibaku takes the basic chassis and battery platform that underpins the agile Toyota FT-Se sports concept and Toyota FT-3e utility concept and creates a boxy, do-anything truck. To get out of it. Kayoibako is the term Toyota assembly plants use to refer to the boxes that deliver parts to the line, but it also kind of means “community box.” Units on display at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) demonstrated use cases such as a last-mile delivery van, a camper/RV, and a wheelchair mobility vehicle.

Not column B

Concept alert! Here’s another concept that envisions a sliding door that closes against one that closes — not a sure bet for production, but it certainly makes it easier for Tokyo showgoers to appreciate the thinness of the battery pack, which allows for good ground clearance and a low loading floor distance.

Suitable for wheelchairs

As shown, the Toyota Kaiwibako has a fixed high seat for the driver with space below to accommodate a wheelchair.

Wheelchair driver

Not only are the wheelchairs accessible for passengers, other photos show what is likely a custom-made, specially compatible wheelchair to lock into the driving position behind the wheel.

Floor ties

The yellow levers shown here secure the passenger’s wheelchair, while X formations throughout the floor allow for the attachment of any type of shelving units, racks, recreational equipment, seating, camping equipment, etc.

Three-row trolley

The other Kayoibako Concept model on offer is equipped with three rows of passenger seats, a roof rack with ladder access, and sport wheels and tires. We’re worried that driving to the campsite, with the high, bunker-like windows in the back will elicit premature cries from the kids riding underneath: “Are we there yet?”

Cross car screen

Like many of its new BEV engineering siblings, the Kayoibako truck gets a steering wheel with several controls on the spokes, plus an iPad-sized touchscreen within easy reach.

Low windshield

Most other devices are spread across a thin, wide screen that divides the main windshield from a lower window, providing a view of what’s directly in front of the truck, making it easy to maneuver in tight urban environments.

Portable electric truck storefront

The Kayoibako concept was also shown to serve as a portable storefront, with merchandise shelves exposed from behind the side-access sliding door, as well as a rear tailgate opening. There were shoe racks on display, but it’s lunchtime for us, so we also like to imagine someone stocking one of these racks in a street food kitchen.


No production plans have been announced, and it’s almost certainly too small and too large a truck to attract much interest in the American market, but you never know when an eccentric vehicle might connect with consumers.

Other Toyota cars at the Japanese Mobility Show: EV SUV

Other Toyota cars at the Japanese Mobility Show: Sports car

Next up for Toyota at JMS for 2023 is the attractive FT-Se Concept sports utility vehicle, which, as previously mentioned, has the same basic chassis and battery setup as the Kayoibako Concept electric truck. The two-seater coupé benefits from the same development of the new compact prismatic battery cell that still provides a very low roof and overall vehicle profile, despite the battery located under the floor. The concept equips all-wheel drive with two electronic motors, and the automaker estimates a 0-60 mph acceleration time at around 3 seconds. Click here to read more about FT-Se and to see more images of the concept.

Other Toyota cars at the Japanese Mobility Show: the Land Cruiser electric four-wheel drive car

Also at JMS for 2023 was Toyota’s Land Cruiser Se Concept electric SUV, which will hopefully continue to deliver on the Land Cruiser’s heritage of off-road prowess along with three rows of interior passenger accommodations. Unlike previous Land Cruisers, this all-electric version will not be a body-on-frame, but instead a monocoque to better integrate battery and motor technology. Click here to read more about the Toyota Land Cruiser Se Concept electric SUV, which is probably the most likely of all Toyota’s concepts, along with the compact SUV, to reach production soon and likely go on sale in the US United.

News report on Japan Mobility Expo

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