Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo has been transformed into a ‘Glamper Van’ for the UK festival

The cargo area of ​​the unique Glamper Van has been transformed into a photo booth complete with camera, lighting and props.

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz for shipping

Volkswagen wants people to see the ID card. Buzz serves as a great platform for customization and personalization, just like the electric truck’s predecessor, the VW Bus.

To display how id. The Buzz could be transformed into the perfect vehicle for festival-goers, with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launching a special one-off called the ‘Glamper Van’ in the UK. Based on Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo, Glamper Van features unique modifications inside and out to make it attractive to its target demographic.

On the outside, the unique vehicle features a multi-colour psychedelic wrap, while the luggage area behind the front seats is transformed into an Instagram-friendly photo booth, complete with camera, lighting and props. The camera features a change filter to help visitors capture the atmosphere of the festival.

Volkswagen will debut the new Glamper Van on July 21 at PennFest 2023, a family-friendly music festival in Buckinghamshire, UK, which takes place from July 21-22.

The one-off Glamper Van continues the popularity of the Pamper Van, another one-off model based on the Volkswagen Multivan unveiled at the Cornbury Festival in 2022, the carmaker says.

“Following the success of last year’s Glamper Van, Volkswagen is thrilled to once again help festival-goers celebrate in style with the new Glamper Van. Featuring a compact photo booth, it’s the perfect place to capture the perfect festival photo and showcases the fantastic versatility of the all-electric ID van.” “Buzz Cargo.”

Laura Bignal, Director of Brand Marketing and Performance at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Apart from the Glamper Van, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will also feature the all-electric I.D. Featured at the event was the Buzz passenger van, which was described as festival-ready vehicles alongside everything from the compact Caddy California to the popular California camper vans.

Volkswagen ID. The Buzz Cargo is the electric people-hauling van version that is only sold in Europe in the short-wheelbase configuration. In the United States, Volkswagen only sells the ID card. Passenger model Buzz LWB, with I.D. Buzz Cargo was doomed to remain a banned fruit because of the “chicken tax,” a 25 percent import tariff on light trucks made outside the United States.

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